Hazelnut Dream Cake with Banana

Hazelnut Dream Cake with Banana

Chocolate Tunnel Cake

Chocolate Tunnel Cake with Caramel Hazelnut and Coffee on Sponge-fingers

Easy, quick sweets can be made. If you have fun with your friends or family, try this recipe bravely. If you like it, you can decorate with coffee beans or chocolate chips. I recommend this idea to you.
Refreshing Summer Lemon Cake-cover

Refreshing Summer Lemon Cake

As simple as this recipe has such exciting flavors. Any other pudding powder can be made. I recommend strawberry pudding to it and you can decorate the cake with them, it is also a delicious flavor. With lemon, it turns out to be a really…
Easy Choco-Stripes Cake with Curprises

Easy Choco-Stripes Cake with Surprises

There are many kinds of chocolate cakes, but this is my favorite because, besides making a kid’s play, the taste is the more serious. As far as the cake is concerned, you can make it with any stuffing you will not be disappointed with. The…
Spring Cake recipe

Here’s a Stunning Spring Cake Adorned With Cherry Flowers and Marzipans!

My favorite season is spring. Beautiful- opening flowers, Singing birds, harmony…. Inspired me the nature’s blooming. I’ve just baked a simple cake with solid Easter eggs, which refer to celebrating mood.
The Best Raffaello Coconut Cake

The Best Raffaello Coconut Cake