51 Magical Chocolate Cake Recipes that are Synonymous To Delicious!

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Baking and cherishing a chocolate cake is not something that calls for waiting for an occasion or festival. In fact, it can always bring a smile to the faces of the young and the old with its delicious flavor and smooth texture. With the endless list of chocolate cake varieties out there, it might get a bit tough to settle on what’s the perfect recipe for you to indulge in some baking. To make it easier for you to decide, here are 51 Magical Chocolate Cake Recipes that are Synonymous To Delicious.

21. Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake

Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake

Filled with caramel icing, pecans and chocolate ganache, the unique moistness of the Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake makes it the perfect cake for every next day. Life Love and Sugar takes you through the detailed steps to prepare the chocolate cake, the caramel sauce, as well as chocolate ganache, explaining the ingredients you need to make each component. If you have a chocolate lover in your life, make them this cake. If they’€™ve had a bad day this is certainly something that will introduce some brightness to the same.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

22. Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake

This delectable homemade chocolate cake is no less than a dream come true for someone who is too fond of chocolate, with all its melted marshmallows and warm chocolate frosting on top. All you need is a handful of magical ingredients, including One Chocolate Cake, a bag of miniature marshmallows, butter, milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. It won’t take more than an hour to get the cake ready to adorn the table if you follow the simple steps of preparation explained by Tastes Better From Scratch.

Recipe Details : tastesbetterfromscratch

23. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Red Wine Chocolate Cake

The slow-baked chocolate cake layers have got a filling of soft raspberry buttercream in between, while the water for preparation has been replaced by some chocolate red wine. The classic combination of the red wine, chocolate cake and the wine is so amazing that it will surely make you a skip a heartbeat when you have a slice for yourself. Plus, this is one of the easiest dessert recipes to pull together, leaving numerous possibilities to decorate the cake with utmost grace, just like this one having raspberries and a chocolate Hello as the toppings.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

24. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Chocolate Cake

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Chocolate Cake

How amazing would it be to cherish a rich, fudgy chocolate cake featuring some delicious layers with a filling of no-bake peanut butter cheesecake filling alternating between the layers. And when it comes to the decor, this one heck of cake recipes covers the delight with a creamy, smooth milk chocolate ganache, followed by giving the final touches with chopped Dove milk chocolate peanut butter candies and finely chopped peanuts. Barbara Bakes explains the process of baking the cake and garnishing it in the most beautiful ways ever.

Recipe Details : barbarabakes

25. The Best Chocolate Cake

The Best Chocolate Cake

Black coffee can blend amazingly well with some cocoa and lead to the creation of a highly intense and delectable chocolate cake, that’s the kind of goodness you might have not tasted ever, before getting your hands on this one. Looking simple yet elegant, this Chocolate Cake is perfect for almost any occasion and needs you to gather a handful of ingredients, including sugar, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, kosher salt, eggs, buttermilk, black coffee, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract.

Recipe Details : mybakingaddiction

26. Death by Chocolate Bundt Cake

Death by Chocolate Bundt Cake

If you fancy the idea of indulging in some baking and bringing a homemade treat to life, this Death by Chocolate Bundt Cake is one of the best cake recipes you could give a try to. The reason behind the same is that it takes just 15 minutes to get the whole preparation done, while taking some really basic ingredients from your kitchen – some oil, water, eggs, sour cream, along with a few things from the store, including instant chocolate pudding, chocolate cake mix, and chocolate chips.

Recipe Details : livecrafteat

27. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Here is a one-bowl chocolate cake recipe, that’s perhaps, one of the easiest dessert recipes to try, even for the novice at baking. This cake is fast, easy, and always delivers amazing results. What’s great is that the involvement of no creaming ingredients, and the need to not use any mixers, along with how fast the cake gets ready, make it ideal for using the recipe for making a cupcake as well. The rich and velvety ganache and the cake feature a balanced sweetness, yet a deep, dark and moist texture. Head to the full recipe by Averie Cooks.

Recipe Details : averiecooks

28. Damn Good Chocolate Bundt Cake

Damn Good Chocolate Bundt Cake

How about packing some sinful goodness that’s not only rich and chocolatey, but also pure and unadulterated in an exceptionally soft and cake, that too in a shape that never fails to be called Damn Good? Make it even charming by dousing the delight in chocolate ganache and chocolate chips for texture. A box of chocolate fudge cake mix, fat free instant chocolate pudding mix, some eggs, oil, buttermilk, sour cream, heavy cream, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and some miniature chocolate chips are what you need to gather to get going towards crafting this piece of art.

Recipe Details : thedomesticrebel

29. Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake

Full of milk chocolate covered with toffee bits, this moist Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake is mouth-watering, smooth, creamy and crunchy all at the same time. Thanks to the toffee bars beautiful melting into the cake batter, chopped pieces getting stirred into the cake mix, and the milk chocolate toffee adorning each layer of the cake. What adds the element of splendor to the moist chocolate cake is the icing of salted caramel which is complimented by silky, chocolate ganache. Check out the full recipe by Carl’s Bad Cravings.

Recipe Details : carlsbadcravings

30. Best Homemade Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

Best Homemade Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

It’s so effortless to prepare this cake that you can get the whole family indulged in some holiday baking, including the little kids and make the day a memorable experience for all. All you need is some softened butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, a little salt and milk. Pam from I’m A Celiac shares how she made this scrumptious treat with her family, explaining the step-by-step instructions in detail to help you recreate the same at home.

Recipe Details : imaceliac

31. 3 Cupcakes for $11

3 Cupcakes for $11

It’s quite surprising how much the cupcakes available out there cost you. Infact, Dana from Dana Treat shares her experience of buying 3 cupcakes for a whopping amount of dollar eleven. Why not ditch the bakery-made cupcakes when you can prepare one of the best dessert recipes at home, that too in a fraction of the cost. This inspiration to prepare Mexican Chocolate Cake is what you need to create the magic with utmost ease. And the magic is synonymous to a yummy cake, and a delicious glazing, explained in the below tutorial.

Recipe Details : danatreat

32. The Best Chocolate Cake

The Best Chocolate Cake

Baking a chocolate cake for the very first time? Here is what you should begin your journey with – The Best Chocolate Cake by The Food Charlatan, that looks quite similar to a brownie, but actually is a lip-smacking cake sporting a dense, moist and rich flavor, while looking totally picturesque. Collect some salted butter, water, cocoa, white sugar, flour, salt, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, dark brown sugar, sour cream and some heavy cream and head towards this easy-to-follow delight of all cake recipes.

Recipe Details : thefoodcharlatan

33. Hot Chocolate Cake

Hot Chocolate Cake

If only you could integrate the ever-loved flavor of hot chocolate into every sweet thing you ever prepared, life would be much more tempting. This Hot Chocolate Cake is what makes your wish true by having dark hot chocolate as its chief ingredient which gives the cake a rich and tender feel. Assembling the marvellous layers of this cake is quite easy and pretty, beginning with hot chocolate cake, marshmallow buttercream, chocolate ganache, hot chocolate cake, marshmallow buttercream, chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows.

Recipe Details : thefirstyearblog

34. The World’s Best Chocolate Oatmeal Cake

The World's Best Chocolate Oatmeal Cake

Make a slice in the World’s Best Chocolate Oatmeal Cake and watch the exquisite marshmallow frosting crystallizing and getting little cracks in the most gorgeous ways. There’s no doubt that this lightly chocolatey, super moist cake consisting of oatmeal, studded with chocolate chips, and topped with chocolate marshmallows is a pleasure to look at, as well as to savour. Just a matter of seven simple steps, and a handful of ingredients is all it takes to bring this cake to life in 15 minutes of preparation and 45 minutes of baking.

Recipe Details : pinchofyum

35. Moist Chocolate Cake: No Eggs No Butter

Moist Chocolate Cake: No Eggs No Butter

Remember those times when you are craving for a dessert, but end up finding out that there aren’t any eggs in the kitchen. Here is something perfect for those hours – Moist Chocolate Cake that doesn’t require any eggs or butter to adorn your plates with a truly delectable dessert. What you need to collect is lots of all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, soy milk or dairy milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, and some icing sugar. It’s going to look simply gorgeous when you sprinkle some powdered sugar on top.

Recipe Details : aseasyasapplepie

36. Double Chocolate Banana Cake

Double Chocolate Banana Cake

With the yummy flavor of bananas, this cake is just so healthy and lovely, being totally free of oil and butter. You need some ripe bananas, brown sugar, some applesauce, vanilla, large egg, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, semi sweet chocolate chips, and lots of mini chocolate chips that will work as the perfect topping for your homemade creation. Learn what you need to do to pull off this pretty one of delicious dessert recipes taking a look at the simple steps shared by Dessert Now Dinner Late.

Recipe Details : dessertnowdinnerlater

37. Double Coffee Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Double Coffee Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Shift your eyes towards this magnificent four-tiered cake that features layers of fudgy chocolate frosting that has been made dark and rich with some coffee between the layers of the heavenly choco cake. Further, you take things from plain to enchanting with numerous coffee-flavoured chocolate malt balls. If you love coffee, you perhaps, shouldn’t wait anymore to prepare this Double Coffee Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting following the steps in the below recipe that are truly easy to forge.

Recipe Details : simply-delicious-food

38. Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Cream Cheese Icing

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Cream Cheese Icing

This super decadent one of the most amazing cake recipes right here meets all of the perfect chocolate cake qualifications, and is a must try for all those who adore chocolate by heart. The rich and pinch of bitter depth is what this cake gets with the addition of Guinness beer to the batter of the dark chocolate cake, while the exact opposite is introduced by the sweetness features by the cream cheese icing that tops the cake with true magnificence. Gain an insight into the full recipe shared by Love Swah.

Recipe Details : loveswah

39. Tuxedo Cake

Tuxedo Cake

Nothing can beat the classic combination of black and white. This one is all about the best-in-class union, but with an added element of unmatchable flavour. The layers alternate between whipped cream and moist chocolate cake, while everything is covered with dark choco ganache. Apart from a one pan double chocolate cake, you need some cold water, unflavored gelatin, whipping cream, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips to put together this terrific Tuxedo Cake in your very own kitchen.

Recipe Details : eatineatout

40. Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake

Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake

All the peppermint fans would be delighted with just a glimpse of the outstandingly pretty and tempting Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake. Consisting of lots of chocolate chips inside the cake, this one has been magically flooded by a glaze of dark chocolate peppermint glaze that have been coupled up with brightly colored, crushed candy canes. Another great thing is that this recipe by Our Best Bites begins the process with some amazing tips and tricks to make everything a lot more easier for you to recreate at home.

Recipe Details : ourbestbites

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