39 Yummy Cake Roll Recipes Combining Cream and Sponge in one Sweet Log!

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Isn’t it incredible how you can transform a simple baked sheet cake into a thing of true deliciousness by rolling it when it’s hot, and unrolling it once it has cooled. The next thing it takes is to spread a rich creamy filling on the cake and roll it back to end up in a spongy plus creamilicious dessert that has got whole world of possibilities for the decoration. To get your hands on this one-of-a-kind dessert, head to these 39 Yummy Cake Roll Recipes Combining Cream and Sponge in one Sweet Log!

Yummy Cake Roll Recipes Combining Cream and Sponge in one Sweet Log!  

1. Red Velvet Cake Roll

Red Velvet Cake Roll

Grab everything amazing about a red velvet cake and transform it into this delicious cake roll filled with silky smooth cream cheese frosting. To make sure the sponge bread doesn’t crack when rolling, the recipe goes for buttermilk and vinegar along with the cake flour, ending up in a super moist and soft roll. A drizzle of melted chocolate or powdered sugar will make it even more splendorous.

Recipe Details : confessionsofaconfectionista

2. Boston Cream Pie Cake Roll

Boston Cream Pie Cake Roll

That rich slathering of chocolate ganache is responsible for stealing the show with this Boston cream pie cake that sports layers of an ultra-tender vanilla sponge rolled with a filling of homemade Bavarian cream. The cream, with its balanced flavour, goes just so well with the ganache containing semi-sweet chocolate chips, half and half and powdered sugar, as well as the moist sponge.

Recipe Details : chef-in-training

3. Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Cherish an extraordinarily delectable dessert brightened up by a dash of bright red and green batter bits or edible confetti nestled within the vanilla sponge cake roll. Even the yummy vanilla buttercream frosting comes loaded with sprinkles in red and green, making every bite a mixture of a variety of textures. Pour melted white chocolate over the cake and let it chill before serving.

Recipe Details : atreatsaffair

4. Classic Pumpkin Roll

Classic Pumpkin Roll

Cream cheese frosting and pumpkin spice cakes go hand in hand with each other. And here’s yet another demonstration of the same – a toothsome pumpkin sheet cake roll stuffed with luxurious cream cheese frosting. The sponge is spiced with some cloves and cinnamon that also makes the treat oh so aromatic, while canned pumpkin brings out the unique flavour to the preparation.

Recipe Details : momlovesbaking

5. Pecan Pie Cake Roll

Pecan Pie Cake Roll

Packing quite a wholesome dose of nutty and creamy pecan pie in a rolled cake sponge, the assembly here is as effortless to pull off as it can be, but what it yields is absolutely drool-worthy. This melt-in-the-mouth treat combines the soft and buttery cake housing lots of chopped pecans with the creaminess of the pie filling. The crunch from the nuts is rightly complimented by the tender cake.

Recipe Details : homemadeinterest

6. Gingerbread Roll Cake

Gingerbread Roll Cake

Perfect for replacing a regular gingerbread dessert with a piece of heaven for a Christmas get-together! This gingerbread roll cake goes for a spiced spongy goodness loaded with cinnamon, ground ginger and some molasses, while lots of spiced creamy filling keeps things luscious and irresistible to savour. Adorn the finished dessert with a nice sprinkle of powdered cinnamon.

Recipe Details : atreatsaffair

7. Coconut Cake Roll

Coconut Cake Roll

Leave the guests craving for more of this decadent cake roll that celebrates the magic of coconut inside out. A light and fluffy cake spruced up with coconut extract is rolled up with a filling of cream cheese, sugar, cream and shredded coconut. Not to forget, the same luxurious mixture and more shredded coconut also sit atop the finished roll, adding in so much more texture to the treat.

Recipe Details : savorthebest

8. Chevron Zig Zag Cake Roll

Chevron Zig Zag Cake Roll

Chevron pattern with its lovely zig zags is taking the world of design by quite a storm, so why be desserts left behind? Adding a nice food color to the cake batter and working out the pattern with a piping bag, letting it bake, further spreading the light colored batter on top is the key to this stunning sponge cake roll. White chocolate, heavy whipping cream and fresh cut strawberries go for the filling.

Recipe Details : andcute

9. Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Get all set to immerse in a gorgeous combination of uber moist chocolate sponge cake and a creamilicious filling, all packed in this chocolate swiss roll cake. You spread a mixture of whipped cream, sugar and vanilla extract on the cake sheet and roll it back together, only to coat it with a glossy layer of chocolate ganache glaze. Reveals swirls of black and white when cut through.

Recipe Details : thepioneerwoman

10. Strawberry Shortcake Cake Roll

Strawberry Shortcake Cake Roll

The frosting of cream cheese, granulated sugar, vanilla and cold heavy whipping cream not only fills the cake roll with perfection, but also tops the soft cake with pretty swirls to adds the final touches of beauty to the moist cake. What adds a berrylicious tang to the treat is lots of chopped strawberries integrated into the filling.

Recipe Details : crazyforcrust

11. Chocolate Caramel Turtle Cake Roll

Chocolate Caramel Turtle Cake Roll

A whole bunch of crunchy pecans, chocolate cake, and caramel – is there anything about this cake that’s not to be adored? The turtle cake is actually a dense and spongy chocolate cake roll that’s taken to new deliciousness when filled with lots of super smooth whipped caramel, plus frosted with rich chocolate ganache and pecans. One irreversible turtle goodness!

Recipe Details : crazyforcrust

12. Lightened Up Banana Split Cake Roll

Lightened Up Banana Split Cake Roll

Banana split, the classic ice cream sundae, gets a whole new version to it with a delicious cake roll? The sponge cake is a light vanilla flavoured treat adorned with a filling of fluffy and airy sugar-free whipped cream, fresh fruit slices and sugar-free vanilla pudding. Add a drizzle of chocolate ganache and some strawberry slices and voila!

Recipe Details : itsyummi

13. Raspberry Roll Cake

Raspberry Roll Cake

Layer of super soft vanilla sponge cake coupled with another layer of vanilla whipped cream charmed with fresh raspberries and raspberry preserves compliment one another with unbeatable grace when rolled to form this raspberry roll cake. Even the decor is not ordinary, instead oozes the wonderful flavours of whipped topping and even more raspberries.

Recipe Details : abeautifulplate

14. Cookies ‘n Cream Oreo Cake Roll

Cookies ‘n Cream Oreo Cake Roll

Oreos, the ever-successful chocolate sandwich cookies take on a new form that everyone is surely going to drool over. The chocolate cake gets its dense flavours from brewed coffee going into the making, having a filling of heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract and crushed Oreos rest between the sponge roll. Decorate with chocolate ganache and more crushed cookies.

Recipe Details : crazyforcrust

15. Apple Pie Cake Roll with Mascarpone Filling

Apple Pie Cake Roll with Mascarpone Filling

If apple pie is your one true love that immediately strikes with the onset of fall, then this cake roll is all you need to whip up this season. A velvety whipped mascarpone cream and cooked apple pie are combined together and stuffed in a spongy vanilla cake. The sweet and tangy element of mascarpone becomes eve more cherishing with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce on top.

Recipe Details : blahnikbaker

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