30 Drool-Worthy Coffee Cake Recipes That are Much More Than Just Scrumptious!

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Accompanying a cup of coffee with a soft and moist slice of cake doesn’t only make the experience so much more delicious, but also makes the day a little better with a sweet dose of dessert! Right from pretty cakes loaded with lots of fruity ingredients to simple sweet preparations topping with a glossy glaze, from heavily decorated coffee cakes to the ones adorned with a toothsome crunch or crumble, here are 30 Drool-Worthy Coffee Cake Recipes That are Much More Than Just Scrumptious!

11. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Reach the seventh heaven in the very first bite of an irresistible breakfast cake that has got crunchy chocolate chip streusel sandwiched in between the cake layers, as well as on the top of the finished treat. The streusel sports the amazing flavours of cinnamon and choco-chips, adding so much more texture and taste to the moist sponge layer. Just a handful of ingredients, including unsalted butter, white sugar, eggs, sour cream, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, semi-sweet chocolate chips, white sugar and ground cinnamon get all the magic going when put together following the simple steps explained in the below recipe by Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen.

Recipe Details : cantstayoutofthekitchen

12. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

No less than a complete work of art, this Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake is a zero doubt pleaser for those who are in love with juicy raspberries, and also adore the concept of cheesecake just as much. Four different layers compose the delicious treat, yet it’s so easy to whip it up all by yourself. The super moist base is a thick vanilla cake sponge that is complimented with a rich cheesecake filling loaded with softened cream cheese, sugar, and egg white. A layer of fresh raspberries added on top of the cheesecake filling takes things to sheer delight. The last part is a crunchy streusel topping, which of course, is what coffee cakes are all about. The topping has got sugar, flour and butter.

Recipe Details : omgchocolatedesserts

13. Ultimate Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Ultimate Sour Cream Coffee Cake

One just can’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind daily dose of dessert. Crunchy, cake-y, creamy and nutty mingle perfectly in this sinfully delicious combination of textures and flavours. The sour cream cake going for the base is is dense and moist, yet being oh so light to eat, while it gets its much needed hint of crisp with a streusel layer that’s sandwiched in the middle as well as adorns the cake on the top. When served with a lovely drizzle of maple icing combining powdered sugar, maple syrup and milk, you won’t really be surprised being bombarded with compliments from everyone who gets a bite of this homemade preparation. It has rightly been called the Ultimate Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Recipe Details : laughingspatula

14.  Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Lemon Coffee Cake

Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Lemon Coffee Cake

A beautifully sweet and tangy cake like this one is ideal for your morning coffee routines, but can really be enjoyed at just about any time of the day, whether you crave for a tea time dessert, or just an untimely snack. Delicious cake layers get that dash of tang from lemon zest and fresh lemon juice added into the batter, while Greek yogurt makes things moist and spongy. But, it turns out to be a true charmer when a velvet-smooth cream cheese layer with even more lemon juice is used as the cake filling. And, how can be that crumb topping left behind when whipping up a coffee cake? All you need to do is add pea sized crumbs of a mixture of flour, sugar, cold butter on the cheesecake layer!

Recipe Details : lovelylittlekitchen

15. Honey Bun Coffee Cake

Honey Bun Coffee Cake

Back in the 70s, beginning every morning with a yummy honey bun and a hot cup of coffee was quite a daily ritual. Recreate the same magic all over again by putting together everything you loved about bunny bun into this coffee cake. To get started with the recipe shared by My Homemade Life, you need to gather some yellow cake mix, sour cream, a few eggs, some vegetable oil, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, powdered sugar, milk and a little vanilla. The cake tastes simply unearthly with flavours of cinnamon and brown sugar, while the moist cake texture gets a unique crunchy cracked top, brought by pouring a blend of powdered sugar, vanilla and milk over the hot cake and letting it cool.

Recipe Details : myhomemdelife

16. Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake

Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake

Looking quite simple and subtle from the outside, this one hides something just so fruitylicious inside that’s worth bringing a smile on everyone’s faces the moment they cut through the finished treat. The cake layer with an insanely soft and moist texture is wonderful enough, but those fresh peaches studded within the batter absolutely win you over. The crumb topping of brown sugar, flour and cold butter sits on the cake with utmost grace, while the glossy milky glaze with a little cinnamon adds to the decor of the cake. can’t be a dessert any more perfect for spring than this peach-y preparation that calls for a few easy-to-follow steps explained in the below recipe by Lemon Tree Dwelling.

Recipe Details : lemontreedwelling

17. Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake

Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake

Who needs to grab a glass of berry juice when they can cherish the goodness in the form of a luscious cake? All you need is to grab a bite of this Blueberry Almond Coffee cake that is not only unbelievably moist and buttery, but is also bursting with the flavours of fresh blueberries that have been mixed into the cake batter before setting it for baking. Just a few minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of baking makes the cake ready to savour. The topmost layer of the cake is sprinkled with lots of sliced almonds that have been merged into the pre-baked treat. Not to forget, you have also got a delicious almond glaze drizzled on top of the chopped almonds, completing the cake with utmost finesse.

Recipe Details : cozycountryliving

18. Light Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe Starbucks Copycat

Light Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe Starbucks Copycat

We bet you won’t regret putting aside some time to whip up this decadent Light Blueberry Coffee Cake that’s a great reminiscent of the classic Starbucks reduced fat blueberry cake. For your version of the recipe, let some Greek yogurt cut on the fat and replace half of the butter in the traditional recipe. The moist and cake-y sponge layers loaded with blueberries inside are as much a feast for the eyes as for the plate, while the fine crumble on top brings out even more variety to those yummy bites. You will need lots of all-purpose flour, some sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, Greek yogurt, softened butter, lemon zest, some eggs, a little vanilla, some butter, and of course, fresh blueberries.

Recipe Details : laurafuentes

19. Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Just the right amount of crumbly as well as tender, this cake has got all the textures of a standard coffee cake, but without going for cinnamon or brown sugar at all! Actually, it’s a sour cream coffee cake that has been adorned with a gorgeous filling of cream cheese, while the top of the treat is wonderfully crunchy. Although, it’s not overly sweet like most coffee cakes, it won’t fail to delight your taste buds with its unique flavour, coming out perfect every time you get your hands of baking it with just a few easy-to-forge steps. Plus, when a decent addition of cheesecake goodness is clubbed with cake loaves, it ends up in the most amazing touches of tastes on your tongue!

Recipe Details : fattaincassa

20. Caramel Pecan Coffee Cake

Caramel Pecan Coffee Cake

Here’s something that doesn’t look or taste like a typical coffee cake, instead it’s a whole new version of the ever-successful autumn dessert, pecan pie that turns it into a rich and dense single dish cake! That means you simply have to mix everything up in a deep dish pie plate and put it in the oven for baking. Lots and lots of caramel poured on the top actually seeps into the sponge cake layer underneath, making it so much more richer, moister and tender. And of course, the caramel pecan topping combining corn syrup, brown sugar, butter, and chopped pecans is extremely crunchy and creamy at the same time. Add the final touches with an awesome-smelling cinnamon sugar topping!

Recipe Details : mandysrecipeboxblog

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