45 Succulent Crepe Cake Recipes Ending Up in A Melt-In-The-Mouth Treat!

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A totally out of the world thing of deliciousness, crepe cake is actually a French dessert composed of lots of crepe layers sporting a luscious filling in between. Whether its chocolate, berries, lemon, almond, coconut or just about any flavour you can think of – it’s totally upto you what flair you want to adorn your cake with. Below are 45 Succulent Crepe Cake Recipes that are all you need to get your hands on the melt-in-the-mouth treat.

36. Peaches and Cream Crepe Cake

Peaches and Cream Crepe Cake

There are seasons when you have got an abundance of fruit around the house, and that’s the right time to whip up this fruitylicious crepe cake. The dessert features layer upon layer of thin buttery crepes, adorned with a filling of vanilla pastry cream and fresh peaches. Cover it with a pretty layer of fluffy whipped cream and even more peaches.

Recipe Details : ofbatteranddough

37. Crepe Cake with Coconut Filling

Crepe Cake with Coconut Filling

We bet the sight of this magnificence composed of two dozen paper thin crepes will make it hard to resist for one and all. A lusciously smooth coconut filling of cream cheese, cream of coconut, creme fraiche, sugar, vanilla and thawed whipped topping works wonders to make the treat creamy and drool worthy. Garnish with coconut curls and sugar.

Recipe Details : victoriamag

38. Chestnut Persimmon Crepe Cake

Chestnut Persimmon Crepe Cake

Whole wheat crepes form the base for a breathtakingly delicious dessert, having the crepe layers sandwiched with a thick homemade chestnut puree that has got cooked and peeled chestnuts, chopped dates, almond milk, vanilla extract and a little salt as its ingredients. That combination of brown and orange looks stunning with 3 persimmons on top.

Recipe Details : win-winfood

39. Red Velvet Crepe Cake

Red Velvet Crepe Cake

If you are fond of red velvet cakes, you are going to fall head over heels in love with this version of the dessert that replaces a traditional cake bread with super thin and light red velvet crepes. A rich coat of tangy cream cheese filling alternates the crepes, yielding an enchantingly beautiful preparation decorated with bright sprinkles.

Recipe Details : sweetandsavorybyshinee

40. Crepe Cake With Pistachios and Coconut Cream Cheese

Crepe Cake With Pistachios and Coconut Cream Cheese

From the outside, the finished cake is smothered in thick cream cheese frosting and lots of sweetened coconut flakes, looking just like a huge snowball. What it houses inside is lots of crepe layers sprinkled with crunchy crushed pistachios and some cream cheese frosting yet again. It’s amazing how so many textures gel up so beautifully with each other.

Recipe Details : foodfaithfitness

41. Spicy Pumpkin Crepe Cake

Spicy Pumpkin Crepe Cake

Here’s an amazing thing of art more than perfect for the fall season, and that’s all because of that overload of pumpkin that’s associated with the dessert. The no-bake concoction is made up of thin crispy-on-the-edge spicy pumpkin crepes, while velvety creamy cream cheese frosting that’s the right amount of sweet and salt fills the layers. Top off with gold lustre dust.

Recipe Details : lapechefraiche

42. Baileys Coffee Creamer Crepe Cake

Baileys Coffee Creamer Crepe Cake

Is keeping things a little lighter and healthier is your cup of tea? Then this no-bake cake with super thin crepe cake made out of whole wheat flour is what your dessert table needs. Baileys coffee creamer in Irish cream flavour goes into the coffee crepe batter as well as the making of the chocolate ganache for the decor. Top with coffee beans!

Recipe Details : foodfaithfitness

43. Toasted Coconut Cream Rum and Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

Toasted Coconut Cream Rum and Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

A sinful slice of sweetness is what this cake deserves to be termed as! 20 crepe layers come together having the best chocolate mousse and a combination of coconut and rum as the fillings. If that was not already amazing enough, it has been topped with coconut whipped cream, toasted flaked coconut, coconut rum toasted pecans and coconut rum ganache.

Recipe Details : halfbakedharvest

44. Snickers Crepe Cake Recipe

Snickers Crepe Cake Recipe

The key is to layer one crepe with coats of cream cheese and hot fudge, while coating the second with cream cheese and a criss-cross drizzle of caramel sauce – repeating the process until you end up in the desired height of your dessert tower. Decorate with whipped cream, chopped Snickers, hot fudge and caramel.

Recipe Details : gentrileeblog

45. Baklava Crepe Cake

Baklava Crepe Cake

A wonderful twist to a traditional baklava preparation, this one heck of all crepe cake recipes replaces the buttery and flaky layers of baklava with a very soft, orange-scented crepe. A glossy cinnamon flavored orange syrup tops the cake with utmost elegance, while the filling combines fresh whipped cream, finely chopped nuts, cinnamon, ground clove and powdered sugar.

Recipe Details : cookienameddesire

It’s amazing how you don’t even need to switch the oven on to get the table decorated with a to-die-for crepe cake! And the truly enchanting combination of cream and buttery bases the above crepe cake recipes yield makes them even more irresistible!

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