The 30 Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

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Regular and traditional birthday cakes have been left quite behind since the idea of personalized theme cakes came like a range into the world of cake-decorating. And, your little boy’s birthday too deserves a gorgeous cake that makes the occasion even better. But, what to create that goes perfectly well with a boy birthday party might be a little difficult. Below are 30 Delicious Birthday Cakes for Boys that can be your next celebration’s showstopper, while being just so easy to put together!

The 30 Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

1. How-To Make a 2-Tier S’mores Camping Cake

How-To Make a 2-Tier S’mores Camping Cake

An exceptionally stunning thing to look at, this 2-Tier S’mores Camping Cake can take the boys to a mini camping trip sitting at home. Awesome-smelling toasted marshmallows cover the top tier, while crunchy graham crackers line the bottom one. And yes, this has got rich cream, delicious cake layers and glossy hot fudge as well. However, the cake might look a bit complicated, it’s surprisingly simple to whip up. Beginning with two different-sized double layer round cakes, the finished piece is lavishly decorated on the top with an adorable camp scene.

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2. Come Dig With Me Construction Themed Birthday Party

Come Dig With Me Construction Themed Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party for your little wanna-be builder, this Construction Themed Inspiration is all you need. It’s amazing how those toy trucks bring out a winsome construction site on top of a delectable cake. And, equally amazing are those yummy cake crumbs spread all over the treat that work wonders as the sand and debris. The thick chocolate icing and the sugarpaste decor around the edges of the cake compliment the theme just so well, while the party labels inserted on top add the perfect final touches.

Recipe Details : karaspartyideas

3. Tutorial for Decorating a Cars Birthday Cake

Tutorial for Decorating a Cars Birthday Cake

Once, you have got two perfectly baked thick round cakes in your choice of flavour, you are all set to transform them into one single birthday cake that pays a wonderful tribute to the classic movie Cars. It’s all about some creative decoration and it will soon turn into a mini race course surrounded by bushy green fields, having those little cars rushing towards the finish point. The road is made out of yummy cookie crumbs and the grass is a work or bright green icing, with some white icing separating the two with grace. Just add two checkered flags, and voila!

Recipe Details : thedomesticproject

4. How to Carve a 3D Dump Truck Cake Tutorial

How to Carve a 3D Dump Truck Cake Tutorial

Three vanilla cake layers when put together with a little vanilla buttercream, followed by covering with gorgeous homemade marshmallow fondant in yellow – the end results are a super cool 3D Dump Truck Cake. Lots of rice cereal treats that form the truck tires, Oreo cookie crumbs for the dirt, and even more fondant in a range of colors come into play to bring the lovely cake to life, flaunting some truly adorable features. Take a look at the whole process of decoration explained by Rose in the below tutorial, and you would simply adore this one!

Recipe Details : rosebakes

5. Dinosaur Dig Triple Chocolate Sheet Cake

Dinosaur Dig Triple Chocolate Sheet Cake

Are your little boys a great fan of those thrilling dinosaur flicks and simply adore toy dinos? Why not surprise them with a Dino themed cake that has been charmed with the flavours of chocolate, thick ganache, and Oreos. The key is to make an edible dinosaur made out of white almond bark rest on top of your chocolate cake covered by rich chocolate chip ganache frosting and Oreo cookie crumbs – thanks to innovative sand molds shaped like dino bones. Make a chocolate sheet cake and get going with the easy-to-whip decor right way!

Recipe Details : sprinklebakes

6. Minecraft Grass Block Birthday Cake

Minecraft Grass Block Birthday Cake

Introduce the fun of Minecraft into your gamer’s next birthday celebrations with this Minecraft Grass Block Birthday Cake. A picture speaks thousand words, and this awesome inspiration for preparing the gaming-themed cake at home backs the statement even better. You would love how realistic of a dirt is created by lots of lots of Oreo and Teddy Graham crumbs that cover the sides of the cake throughout. The perfect Minecraft grass is all about green icing, and the fondant lettering on the bottom of the cake is simply stunning.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

7. Minecraft World Cake

Minecraft World Cake

How about recreating a whole Minecraft world on a platter for a memorable celebration for your kid who is madly in love with the game? The key is to bake a scrumptious chocolate cake and assemble the hunks of the cake in a clever way with the help of some chocolate filling to form a Minecraft world design. Bright green frosting adds those touches of the game to work as the grass, while thinly sliced rice krispie treats form the beach and the trees that have barks made of Kit-Kat bars.

Recipe Details : instructables

8. Ridiculously Easy Lego Cake

Ridiculously Easy Lego Cake

As the name suggests, this Lego Cake is ridiculously easy to put together, but delicious and delightful enough to charm your kid to the core. Simply put two cake layers of your favorite flavour together and frost all the sides with thick yellow buttercream frosting. Let Oreo cookies covered in the frosting disguise themselves as the Lego buttons, and your homemade dessert is all set to adorn the party table. To learn how to prepare the base cake layers and how to work out the decoration in detail, head to the below tutorial by I Should be Mopping the Floor.

Recipe Details : ishouldbemoppingthefloor

9. Lego Movie Cake

Lego Movie Cake

Batman, a whole rainbow of beautiful colors, a pretty city, and a few other characters from the Lego Movie join forces in one single mouthwatering experience with this ridiculously tasty birthday cake with three large cake tiers, that have each been adorned by creative use of colored fondant and cake toppers just like magic. Every tier on the cake depicts a scene from the movie, and that’s what makes this one totally unique and meaningful. And not to forget, the great looks are brightened with the extra delicious flavours of the tender layers inside.

Recipe Details : cakesdecor

10. Lego Millennium Falcon Cake

Lego Millennium Falcon Cake

Star Wars and Legos often top the list of boy favorites, and so will this delectable Lego Millennium Falcon Cake. What you need to create the gorgeous cake is some unsalted butter, dark chocolate, a little instant coffee, some warm water, caster sugar, self raising flour, cocoa powder, a few eggs, vanilla extract, and some pure cream, along with a handful of other supplies to prepare the rich ganache. Use the printable Millennium Falcon template provided in the recipe below and get going towards recreating the design with lots and lots of sugarpaste pieces.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

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