41 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes Casting a Romantic Spell on your Evening

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The day of love, or Valentine’s Day is something that surely calls for a romantic dinner with the love of your life, and what else can make a dinner super sweet and memorable better than a delectable Valentine’s cake. Whether you or your beloved are chocolate lovers, fond of fruits, are crazy about surprises, have got no time for preparing a complicated treat, or simply love scrumptious desserts, these 41 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes are Worthy Enough of Casting a Romantic Spell on your Evening.

31. Pink Velvet Cake

Pink Velvet Cake

Traditional ideas of desserts can be transformed into a brand new work of sweetness with some little alterations and twists. That’s what is done by this recipe for making a Pink Velvet Cake that takes a red velvet cake to a wonderful preparation, having a vanilla cake featuring a tint of pretty pink, that too in a romantic heart-shaped structure, all decorated with a thick and fluffy strawberry frosting. With the addition of fresh strawberries, this is cake won’t last a day past Valentine’s.

Recipe Details : cakewhiz

32. Red Buttercream Frosted Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Red Buttercream Frosted Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

If it’s about cupcakes, the plain touch of some yummy red buttercream frosting can make the dessert pay a perfect tribute to the spirit of Valentine’s. What you need to make the frosting is some sifted powdered sugar, some butter, a little vanilla extract, milk, and some red food coloring. No matter what’s the flavor of your cupcakes, this one is going to compliment them at their best. Just a few simple steps explained by Savvy Saving Couple is all you need to bring your Red Buttercream Frosted Valentine’s Day Cupcakes to life.

Recipe Details : savvysavingcouple

33. Hidden Love Heart Chocolate Surprise Cake

Hidden Love Heart Chocolate Surprise Cake

Nothing can be better than an edible treat if you wish to integrate a surprise into your romantic date for the Valentine’s Day, specially if the same has been made all by yourself. This pink Hidden Love Heart Chocolate Surprise Cake is certain to make your loved one delighted and surprised with what it has in store for them. All you need is some Vanilla or Butter Pound Cake mix, a Chocolate Pound Cake mix, a little pink food coloring, and some natural cherry extract. This one says “celebration” better than anything you can think of.

Recipe Details : cupcakepedia

34. Red Velvet Molten Lava Cakes

Red Velvet Molten Lava Cakes

Molten Lava Cakes never miss to delight one and all, specially if they are combined with the magic of red velvet. The extra bright color and vibrance of these cakes makes them even more ideal to become a part of the Valentine’s Day dinner, all thanks to the use of white chocolate instead of the dark versions. While these cakes look and taste super fancy, they’re actually so simple to make in just a matter of few minutes. The end results are going to add some lovely warmth to your day with that hot edible molten lava.

Recipe Details : spachethespatula

35. The Only Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Need

The Only Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Need

Delectable layers of chocolate cake filled with thick chocolate ganache yields a super awesome and delicious three-layered chocolate cake, guaranteed to make the time super fun and sugary. The rich decor pulled off with lots and lots of cherries, strawberries and raspberries completes the cake with the touches of red, romance and fruity freshness. Our Mini Family takes you through the detailed step-by-step instructions to get the cake serve-ready almost effortlessly.

Recipe Details : ourminifamily

36. Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

Rightly termed as a spectacular show-stopper of a beauty by the recipe author, this Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake is irresistibly beautiful and exquisite to look at, and of course, is equally decadent to taste. This one is a great union of a brownie base, some strawberry and vanilla ice cream, reminding you of the ice cream cakes from the childhood days. Topped with gorgeous chocolate sauce and raspberries, the ice cream cake would make your Valentine go totally bananas over what you have prepared for dessert.

Recipe Details : the-kate-tin

37. Red Velvet No Bake Cheesecake

Red Velvet No Bake Cheesecake

Bring a creamy, rich homemade cheesecake to your Valentine’s evening, that too without any baking required. Flaunting a great combination of colors and amazing flavours, this one little dessert has got layers of vanilla whipped topping, chocolate sandwich cookie crust, and no-bake red velvet cheesecake, all elegantly garnished with cute chocolate shavings on top. All you need is double stuffed chocolate sandwich cookies, unsalted butter, cream cheese, confectioners sugar, semi-sweet baking chocolate, vanilla extract, red food color and whipped topping.

Recipe Details : jellytoastblog

38. Valentine’s Day Cupcake

Valentine's Day Cupcake

This Valentine’s, bake your special one a couple of exquisitely decorated cupcakes flaunting cute hearts over a pink backdrop. The supplies you need to gather are fondant icing in shades of white, red and pink, pink vanilla cupcakes, buttercream frosting, silver cachous, tracing tool, and a cookie cutter the same size of your cake. The below recipe by My Cake Decorating takes you through the eight simple steps you need to follow to bring your own versions of the Valentine’s Day Cupcakes to life with pictorial instructions.

Recipe Details : mycakedecorating

39. Valentine’s Day Poke Cake

Valentine's Day Poke Cake

Here’s a delicious cake with a perfect Valentine’s spin that would leave your special one craving for more. Adorned with lots of jigglers shaped in the spirit of Valentine’s and lots of heart sprinkles, the cake looks more than perfect for charming up the table on the 14th of February.You just need some yellow cake mix along with the ingredients to make the same with the box mix, some strawberry Jell-O, a Jell-O mold Kit, some cool whip, and sprinkles. Take a look at the full recipe shared by Mommy Hates Cooking.

Recipe Details : mommyhatescooking

40. Easy Black Forest Cake

Easy Black Forest Cake

It probably can’t get any more fabulous than a rich, soft and moist chocolate cake filled with lot of tart cherries and covered with yummy whipped cream, having everything finished up with lots of dark chocolate shavings. All you need is some cake flour, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, milk, canola oil, Greek yogurt, vanilla, and some egg whites. It is as rich and varied from inside as simple and plain it looks from the outside – and that’s what makes it a classic Black Forest Cake.

Recipe Details : eatineatout

41. Chocolate Valentine Cake

Chocolate Valentine Cake

Combine simplicity and grace with unbeatable taste and sweetness with this Chocolate Valentine Cake covered with rich chocolate frosting. The lovely chocolate hearts that are actually lots of chocolate chips are the sole decoration of this cake, that are just so amazing that they don’t need anything else to make this cake a complete piece of splendour. Taking less than an hour for the preparation, this one is perfect for all the last-minute procrastinators. Gain a deeper insight into the recipe shared by Woman’s Day.

Recipe Details : womansday

All of the above Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes are not only fun to put together, but end up in some truly amazing pieces of delight immersed in the essence of Valentine’s that you can savour with your special someone. After all, what can be better than cherishing a dessert that has been made at home all by yourself when it comes to making them fall in love with you all over again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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