41 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes Casting a Romantic Spell on your Evening

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The day of love, or Valentine’s Day is something that surely calls for a romantic dinner with the love of your life, and what else can make a dinner super sweet and memorable better than a delectable Valentine’s cake. Whether you or your beloved are chocolate lovers, fond of fruits, are crazy about surprises, have got no time for preparing a complicated treat, or simply love scrumptious desserts, these 41 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes are Worthy Enough of Casting a Romantic Spell on your Evening.

41 Valentine's Day Cake Recipes Casting a Romantic Spell on your Evening

1. Valentine’s Day Ombre Cake

Valentine's Day Ombre Cake

An exquisite ombre cake with the layers tinted in a gradually fading shade of burgundy, starting from the darkest at the bottom and advancing towards the softest shade at the top. The layers are gorgeously assembled between a delicious portion of buttercream icing, that also covers the cake throughout with the charm of white, adorned with cute little hearts and arrows of icing. Michaels guides you through the perfect way to steal your Valentine’s heart with loads of sweetness by creating one of the easiest cake recipes by yourself.

Recipe Details : michaels

2. Pink Champagne Velvet Layer Cake

Pink Champagne Velvet Layer Cake

Looking absolutely luscious, this soft and moist layer cake flaunting a flavour of champagne, almonds and vanilla can cast an enchanting spell on your Valentine with it’s thick, decadent icing of Pink Champagne Buttercream. The bright red Strawberry-Raspberry Filling offering its fresh summer accent makes it even more gorgeous when cherished with a glass of wine, having your special one on the other side of the table for a memorable celebration. Preparing the smooth, velvety cake is just so easy for how impressive and lavish it looks.

Recipe Details : wickedgoodkitchen

3. Valentine’s Day Cake

Valentine’s Day Cake

Looking simply stunning when chocolate cake is decorated with lovely strawberry buttercream, this amazing Valentine’s Day Cake is what you need if you are looking out for something that is no less than a treat from a gourmet bakery, but is actually truly easy to put together in your very own kitchen. And, the chocolate-dipped strawberries placed on top are the element of added spendor for this delight. Handle The Heat also takes you through a step-by-step cake decorating video helping you turn things out exceptionally beautiful and charm the one you love this Valentine’s.

Recipe Details : handletheheat

4. Valentine’s Day Peek-a-Boo Pound Cake

Valentine's Day Peek-a-Boo Pound Cake

A spectacular homemade cake can actually make a special day even more memorable and special for years to come. And this Peek-a-Boo Pound Cake does just that for your day of love. This one hides some great treasures with a yummy vanilla icing. Taking a slice is going to surprise him when he founds a hidden heart inside the pound cake, that’s also a delectable pink-colored cake. Getting the cake serve-ready takes almost a day, but the end results are totally worth all that time, making all wonder how you actually worked it out.

Recipe Details : bellyfull

5. Raspberry Lemon – I Love You Valentine’s Day Reveal Cake


A lemon pound cake hides another amazing raspberry pound cake, but with an amazingly romantic twist. The raspberry cake layer reveals the words I Love You when you cut through the surrounding lemon pound cake. Although this lovely cake looks quite complicated to pull off, it is incredibly easy to prepare and decorate this work of art all by yourself. Hungry Happenings explains the process in detail to make this gorgeous one of Valentine’s Day cake recipes.

Recipe Details : hungryhappenings

6. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

The author calls this one an actual showstopper for any special occasion. Alternating between scrumptious layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake, covered with another layer of frosting, this treat is adorned with loads of pretty white chocolate shavings. The unique combination of the four leads to a divine flavor, and what’s amazing is that this Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake takes just a matter of eight steps to come to life, as showcased in the below recipe by Food Folks and Fun.

Recipe Details : foodfolksandfun

7. Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Cake

A huge chocolate chip cookie, when transformed into a stunning Valentine’s Day cake with a cute little love message and lovely decorations with buttercream icing can bring an unforgettable magic to your celebrations with the love of your life. All you need is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and a Buttercream Icing Recipe shared by The Turquoise Home, a round pan, a parchment paper cookie sheet, and a cookie cake plate to get going with the preparations. This pretty cake is as delicious as unbeatably beautiful it is to look at.

Recipe Details : theturquoisehome

8. 3 Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake

3 Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake

It couldn’t possibly be easier to make such a marvellous treat at home. As the name suggests, the Flourless Chocolate Cake requires just a deal of 3 ingredients already lying in your kitchen, including some large eggs, semisweet or milk chocolate chips, and some unsalted butter, along with a minimal amount of time to make an awesome dessert for this year’s Valentine’s day, even if you haven’t got lots of time to put everything together. The strawberries on top work as the perfect thing of beauty sitting on the chocolate cake slice.

Recipe Details : kirbiecravings

9. Mini Coconut Raspberry Valentine’s Day Naked Rosette Cakes

Mini Coconut Raspberry Valentine’s Day Naked Rosette Cakes

A Naked cake, having no frosting on the sides has its own magic with revealing what’s inside, while also making it easier for you to prepare the treat by yourself. These Mini Coconut Raspberry Naked Rosette Cakes, made out of a delicious blend of the ever-charming flavours of coconut and raspberry, topped with an utterly beautiful rose of homemade frosting look just so elegant, chic and artistic that they can never fail to cast a romantic spell on your Valentine’s. Take a look at the full recipe to make the mini cakes by Mini Baker.

Recipe Details : minibaker

10. Easy Love Cake

Easy Love Cake

Covered with crystal white fondant, this cake flaunts adorable letters of LOVE, having a special heart sprinkle as the “O” residing between the others written with a black edible marker, where everything hides a savoury pink velvet cake within. To make the super easy Love cake, the supplies you need are a pink velvet cake by Cake Whiz, some strawberry frosting, white marshmallow fondant, black edible marker, heart sprinkles, a paintbrush, and some corn syrup. Couple this one with some wine and add that special hint of romance to your day.

Recipe Details : cakewhiz

11. Heart Cut Out Cake

Heart Cut Out Cake

This pretty cake features lots of heart cut outs to suit the occasion just perfect. Beginning with a buttercream or ganache covered cake, you need some white modeling chocolate, red modeling chocolate, half heart reveal cutter set or X-acto knife, a tracing tool, a ruler, a self healing mat, and a cut out template to transform the regular cake into a stunning Heart Cut Out Cake. The Cake Blog shares the detailed steps and an easy to use template in the below recipe to help you recreate this piece of beauty with utmost simplicity and perfection.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

12. Easy Valentine’s Day Mini Cakes

Easy Valentine’s Day Mini Cakes

Made out of chocolate wafers and lots of whipped cream, these Valentine’s Day mini cakes are perfect when you are looking out for a cute little single-serving dessert. Apart from being beautiful and romantic, these mini treats with their dark, deep chocolate flavour and a wonderful cake-like texture are also quite easy to recreate, looking just so special with the coating of red, white, and pink candies. Learn how you can bring a whole variety of these Valentine’s Day Mini Cakes to life with just a little bit of effort.

Recipe Details : ohnuts

13. Italian Love Cake

Italian Love Cake

Sporting an irresistible spongy texture, this cake with a lovely layer of sweetened ricotta cheese at the bottom, a rich moist cake in the middle, and a topping of cinnamon sugar is surprisingly easy to prepare. When served with some espresso, this one is going to be a sureshot hit for a romantic date night. With some espresso of course. What you will need for the cake is some yellow cake mix, eggs, whole milk ricotta cheese, granulated sugar, pure vanilla extract and Limoncello. Noble Pig explains the process to recreate the Italian Love Cake with step-by-step instructions.

Recipe Details : noblepig

14. Simple Valentine’s Cake

Simple Valentine’s Cake

This Valentine’s, make a delicious cake adorned with white frosting and taken to all new levels of gorgeousness with some lovely red cookie pops flaunting a romantic heart shape standing on top. What you need is some Classic White Pillsbury cake mix, some Pillsbury vanilla frosting, an angled spatula, some heart sugar cookies, and some red royal icing that takes just 15 seconds to prepare. With the wonderful flavour and an equally wonderful appearance, this Simple Valentine’s Cake is all you need to add that finishing touch of dessert to your dinner table.

Recipe Details : thebearfootbaker

15. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

This cake can be rightly called as an ideal blend of everything one needs to make a Valentine’s evening perfect, clubbing chocolate, hearts and roses, all in one concoction. Delicious chocolate cake layers filled with lots and lots of raspberry cream, turn out to be a true charmer when covered with creamy, smooth chocolate ganache and garnished with yummy edible roses. The below recipe by Cooking Channel TV takes you through the detailed ingredients and the step-by-step instructions to recreate these Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes.

Recipe Details : cookingchanneltv

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