53 Best Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes

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Ice Cream Cakes are another name for joy not only for brightening up a party, but also for bringing about a great blend of tender cakes with chilly frozen ice creams in one single dessert. After all, who doesn’t adore these two ever-charming treats ? No matter if you are fond of chocolate, love the flavours of peanut butter cups, or want to introduce some minty freshness into your desserts, here are 53 Truly Delectable yet Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes that can add a cold flair to just about any day of summer.

53 Best Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes

1. Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake

Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake

What can charm the kids more than a delicious ice cream cake lined with full-size Kit-Kat bars on all the sides? The insides are filled with frozen ice cream flavors, and the finished treat adorned with colorful assorted chocolate candies on top, looks absolutely stunning and tempting. The frozen whipped topping that lines the ice cream is the added hint of freshness. And not to forget, the crust is not just another regular base, but a thick layer of crunchy crushed Oreo cookies.

Recipe Details : familyspice

2. Toblerone Ice Cream Cake

Toblerone Ice Cream Cake

Two scrumptious layers of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake are made even more delicious by a thick, creamy filling of milk chocolate toblerone ice cream sandwiched between them. The honey chocolate sauce and chunks of toblerone with all their crunchy almond pieces and the chewy nougat make it just so irresistible. The Sugar Hit takes you through the detailed steps for whipping up the ice cream, the topping, as well as the cake layer and assembling everything together in order to form a total show stopper of a treat.

Recipe Details : thesugarhit

3. Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Packed with red velvet cake crumbs and whipped cream cheese, a lusciously rich ice cream sits between layers of tender red velvet cake layers. While thick cream cheese whipped cream has been put to great use for a topping, the frozen blueberries not only add a touch of contrast, but also form a gorgeous union with the red velvet cake and the creamy white topping. What’s great about the ice cream is that you can make it without any maker. This one will just become your favorite and you would wish you would have made it sooner.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

4. I Scream Ice-Cream Cake

I Scream Ice-Cream Cake

Poofy Cheeks claims that this dessert is going to make you totally speechless. Taking no more than five minutes to get all ready to savor, this I Scream Ice-Cream Cake is a great comfort food for those hot summer days. You need just a handful of ingredients, including some whipped topping, caramel topping, a chocolate syrup, a pack of ice-cream sandwiches, and some colorful sprinkles. This amazing recipe doesn’t require you to go for any baking or cooking, instead it’s all about some clever assembling of the above delicious elements.

Recipe Details : poofycheeks

5. Easy Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Easy Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Whether you like to enjoy a scoop full of ice cream or wish to cut it just like a cake, this recipe won’t disappoint you. Here is an interesting take on ice creams that uses a crispy crust of Oreo cookie crumbs beneath a delectable ice cream mixture that doesn’t call for any special machines to get all set. All you need to do is mix everything together and let it freeze for some time. Simply cut out the Easy Homemade Oreo Ice cream Cake into squares and serve it with a cute Oreo cookie on top to see those huge smiles popping up!

Recipe Details : photosandfood

6. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Looking just like a super-sized Oreo, this one will take you all new levels of heavenly tastes with a perfect blend of crunchiness and velvet-y creaminess. Alternating between lip-smacking layers of chocolate pound cake, vanilla ice cream, and crunchy bits of Oreo cookies, the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake suits a birthday celebration just right. When ready to serve, you can decorate it with a little more added sweetness in the form of some fluffy whipped cream and some more Oreo cookie bits on top.

Recipe Details : shewearsmanyhats

7. Cake Batter Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Cake Batter Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Combining the ever-successful flavours of ice cream, brownies, funfetti cake batter, and fudge sauce in one single piece of beauty, this dessert features gorgeous layers of brownies and super easy-to-make ice cream. This one is not just miraculously pretty to look at, but also exceptionally delightful when it comes to the flavours. Plus, you don’t need to wait for hours to get things ready to assemble, instead allow the finished end results to freeze, all set for the final touches of chocolate sauce, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

8. Reese’€™s Ice Cream Cake

Reese'€™s Ice Cream Cake

Here is a surprisingly easy ice cream cake with vanilla ice cream sandwiches gorgeously layered with Reese’€™s Peanut Butter Cups, caramel sauce, peanut butter and chocolate sauce. The best part about the recipe is that it takes a deal of 15 minutes to get ready for enchanting your dessert table, looking as beautiful as any other store-bought cake. The rich frosting of whipped topping makes the ice cream cake creamier and better, while the chopped peanut butter cups sprinkled on top taste oh so awesome with the accompanying caramel drizzle and chocolate sauce topping.

Recipe Details : lemonsforlulu

9. Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Talking about ice cream sundaes, one just can’t forget to mention Banana Splits. But here is something that can’t be called just another regular banana split treat, as this one is an irresistible ice cream cake sitting on top of a crunchy Oreo crust. It has got numerous layers of unbeatable flavours – sliced bananas, smooth strawberry ice cream, strawberry sundae topping, chocolate ice cream, hot fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream and pineapple sundae topping. The final garnishing of whipped cream and chopped walnuts comes out just right with that cherry on top.

Recipe Details : browneyedbaker

10. S’mores Ice Cream Cake

S'mores Ice Cream Cake

A crunchy Graham wafers crust working wonders as the base is topped with a mix of melted chocolate and cool whip, which is further covered by delicious chocolate ice cream. The twist comes in with the addition of molten marshmallows, and you will wonder how the ice cream inside stays frozen with that lovely s’mores topping toasted golden brown. All you need is some divided graham wafers, melted butter, some sugar, Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Cool Whip whipped topping, softened chocolate ice cream, lots of miniature marshmallows, and some milk.

Recipe Details : boymeetsbowl

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