How To Make A Creamy, Dreamy CLASSIC CHEESECAKE!

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Being oh so rich, dense and super velvety, cheesecakes, at the same time combine an awesome dash of crispiness into the finished piece of dessert when it comes to their cookie base. And how it ditches long hours of baking, makes it even more amazing in terms of the preparation – exactly like this New York Style Classic Cheesecake!


A super crunchy and delicious crust that’s made out of yummy graham crackers crumbs, lots of sugar and some melted salted butter actually forms the base for a creamy and utterly tempting layer of classic cheesecake. What the thing of luxurious softness, or cheesecake filling is made of includes lots of cream cheese, some sugar, a little vanilla extract, mascarpone cheese, some sour cream, a few eggs, lots of flour and a vanilla bean.

Freezing the cheesecake for a few hours has a magical effect on the dessert wherein the soft, creamy goodness of the cheesecake filling is soaked into the crumbly crust lying at the bottom – forming an incredible union of sweet and salt at the bottom, while ruling your taste buds with the luscious filling on the top.

Head to the below YouTube video tutorial shared by How To Cake It to gain a deeper insight into the detailed visual instructions you need to follow to whip up the dessert packing in an unbeatable dose of creaminess!

New York Style Classic Cheesecake Recipe

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Adding a thin layer of creamy sour cream topping is a great idea if you want to introduce a lot more magnificence to your homemade cheesecake.

This recipe is going to serve the whole family with utter deliciousness. But, it’s so addictive that the moment you think you have made enough for all, it’s going to leave everyone craving for some more – all thanks to that ‘can’t get enough’ appeal sported by the toothsome treat!

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