25 Awesome 4th of July Cakes That are a Sugary Take on Patriotism

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4th of July, being the Independence Day of the nation can’t simply go without huge fireworks brightening up the sky, amazing parties with your friends and family, and of course, great stuff to eat. And, can a nice dinner or get-together for the day ever be fulfilling enough without a festive-perfect cake that flaunts a delicious union of red, white and blue to pay a lovely tribute to the national flag? That’s why you need to get your hands on these 25 Awesome 4th of July Cakes That are a Sugary Take on Patriotism!

16. Red White and Blue Cake Recipe

Red White and Blue Cake Recipe

Decorating this thing of gorgeousness is a literal piece of cake, while still delivering some show stealing of results. The layered cake, sporting red, white and blue baked bread as its elements looks truly adorable when it’s complimented by a super light and fluffy cheesecake frosting that sits between the layers as well as coats the cake from the outside. A spatula is run vertically along the sides of the cake to get a striped effect, while cake crumbles in red, blue and white are spread on top to add the finishing touches. If you are looking for a treat that even the kiddos can help you with, you must get your hands on this incredible recipe.

Recipe Details : thegunnysack

17. Lemon Drizzle Cake Topped with Berries

Lemon Drizzle Cake Topped with Berries

Introduce the right amount of tang to a 4th of July cake by going for a drizzle of a homemade topping containing flour, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, lemon extract, and grated lemon rind that goes oh so well with the sweet and tangy cake underneath. The cake itself has got lemon extract and almond extract throughout the batter, while the much-needed element of juicy sweetness is brought by lots of berries coming into play. Keeping the decor minimal, blueberries and strawberries not only sit atop the lemon drizzle, but also serve as the perfect accompaniment to the cake when kept on the sides. A festive take on lemon cakes that’s sure to delight!

Recipe Details : frostedevents

18. 4th of July Sparkler Cake

4th of July Sparkler Cake

As stunning in terms of appearance as its delectable to savour, the cake is adorned with firework-like decorations put on sticks and inserted into the baked thing before serving. Its soft and tender texture coming from a simple vanilla cake mix is charmed by replacing water with Nestle coffee-mate French vanilla creamer, making the cake extraordinarily moist and luscious. The decoration on top is blended with a punch of crunch and sweetness on the sides brought by thick pretzel rods dipped in red, white and blue candy coating, further placed in a repeating order of the three colors. Adorn the cake and pretzels with some white shimmer sprinkles.

Recipe Details : sprinklesomefunl

19. 4th of July Cakes – Cake Roll

4th of July Cake Roll

Sinful roll of yumminess is what we call this ultra-delicious cake roll immersed in the colors of patriotism. Red and blue cake batter is spread as alternating stripes in a cake pan, allowed to bake and cool, further rolling to achieve the desired shape. The velvet-smooth filling for the cake roll is a homemade frosting that combines unsalted butter, pinch of salt, marshmallow creme, pure vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and some milk. Not to forget, the frosting also adds the much-needed white to the roll, white taking its texture to unbeatable creaminess at the same time. Finish the decor with some sprinkles on top, and voila!

Recipe Details : tasteandtellblog

20. American Flag Coconut Cake

American Flag Coconut Cake

Screaming out loud to all die-hard coconut lovers, this cake paying a tribute to the American flag is something no one would get enough of! The topping of shredded coconut make things insanely hard-to-resist, while a the sheet cake at the base is loaded with the flavours of coconut even better. Lots of cream of coconut and coconut flavour go into the making of the delicious cake batter, and for the much needed dash of cream, you coat the sheet cake with a thick layer of cool whip. Special mention for adding red and blue food coloring to the shredded coconut that allows for working out the national flag pattern for the topping of the dessert.

Recipe Details : thefirstyearblog

21. Fireworks Sugar Cookie Cake

Fireworks Sugar Cookie Cake

Give a bright twist to sugar cookies and let them celebrate the day with fireworks of their very own. You’ll leave the guests begging for more of that gooey, tender and soft cookie dough that’s made even more chewy with lots of butter, sugar and cream of tartar added to its making, while some vanilla extract makes the flavour absolutely awesome. Red, white, and blue sprinkles nestled throughout the batter offer a colorful appearance and a crunchy texture to the cookie, while the swirls of frosting made along the circumference on top go for the super fluffy dose of sugar. Top with M&Ms and sprinkles in the relevant color code.

Recipe Details : crazyforcrust

22. Red, White and Blue Mini Cakes

Red, White and Blue Mini Cakes

How about shrinking everything amazing about a huge party cake into single-serving individual mini cakes that assure no one has to worry about the intake of uncontrolled calories in the spirit of the occasion? These red, white, and blue layered naked mini cakes alternating the cake layers with a smooth vanilla or white frosting, and lots of sprinkles on top do just that. The key is to use a 2.5 inch circle cutter to work out smaller portions from cakes baked in a 9-inch pan. While, this recipe by Hello Little Home goes for a vanilla cake mix, you have the whole world of options when choosing the base flavours to put the marvellous treats together.

Recipe Details : hellolittlehome

23. American Flag Cookie Cake

American Flag Cookie Cake

Vanilla frosting in red and blue colors thrown on top is the undoubted heroic element of this cookie cake – but the wonderfully crunchy base is no less than a sweet piece of heaven! A whole package of Betty Crocker cookie mix goes for the awesome crust of this cake which absorbs the creamylicious element of the topping, ending up to be a cherishing bite of crumbly cookie goodness. Even the frosting serves magic when its put in decorating bags with star-shaped tips and is used to bring the American flag pattern to life atop the cookie base. A blue rectangle is piped on the top left corner, having the remaining adorned with red and white stripes.

Recipe Details : passionforsavings

24. Red White and Blue Poke Cake

Red White and Blue Poke Cake

Synonymous to insane temptation, those red and white dashes of delicious Jell-o travelling down the extra moist white cake not only make it a drool-worthy experience in every bite, but also integrate patriotism into the treat. Once the cake is baked, all you need to do is poke it all over to makes holes in rows, pouring lots of colored Jell-o in the mentioned hues alternatively in the holes. The refrigerated preparation is then brightened up with a mix of heavy cream and powdered sugar going for a thick topping, lastly throwing in red, white and blue sprinkles. Who wouldn’t term this cake as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser?

Recipe Details : spendwithpennies

25. Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

While most of the cupcakes out there lying in the list of 4th of July cakes bring out the festive colors with the decor on top, these little pretties absorb the hues much better by actually sporting them as colored layers within the base sponge. Also, it’s a low-calorie, low-fat dessert that goes for Greek yogurt and egg whites to slim down the batter, while decorating the cakes with a light and fluffy fat-free whipped topping. The secret to the colored layers is vanilla cake batter mixed with the appropriate food coloring and layering the batter in a muffin liner with just a little bit of care. Top it off with strawberries and berries for extra juiciness.

Recipe Details : womanista

Some of the 4th of July cakes shared above are all about lavish decorative elements in the patriotic hues, some bring out the colors within the cake batters, some go for colored frosting to work out the whole national flag, while on the other hand, some keep it subtle and still don’t fail to make a patriotic mark with their appearance! So, how is your piece of cake going to light up the occasion?

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