25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes and Savoring a Spectrum of Colors

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Stealing the rainbow from the sky and putting it right on your dessert table is what rainbow cakes do with adorable perfection. Although they look quite a complicated deal to put together, bringing that whole spectrum of colors to life is actually much easier than it seems to be in the first glance. Whether you are looking for the moist sponge layers to sport a bunch of colors, or simply want to keep things subtle by adding the colors to the frosting, here are 25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes at home.

Rainbow Cake recipes

1. Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Reveal six shades of brightness cutting through this rainbow cake and take the guests by surprise. Combine super moist white cake batter with different food coloring and assemble the baked treat with whipped cream frosting.

Recipe Details : thelittlekitchen

2. Chocolate Rainbow Cake

Chocolate Rainbow Cake

A unique take on rainbow cakes – this inspiration doesn’t integrate colors into the sponge layer. Instead, you add 6 different colored concentric circles of frosting between the luscious chocolate cake layers.

Recipe Details : thenymelrosefamily

3. Layered Rainbow Cupcakes

Layered Rainbow Cupcakes

Sporting a simple boxed cake mix as the base, these deliciously spongy cupcakes is colored cake batter assembled to create a rainbow of seven hues, finally adorned with whipped cream cheese frosting on top.

Recipe Details : myrecipemagic

4. How to Make a Rainbow Cake

How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Ditch the idea of a clear layered division of colors when whipping up this stunning cake. Simply drop the colors one by one into the middle of a pan to form concentric gobs. Lastly, smother two baked layers with a rich frosting.

Recipe Details : omnomicon

5. Rainbow Cake Roll with Rainbow Chip Filling

Rainbow Cake Roll with Rainbow Chip Filling

Even the frosting filled inside this lavishly colored thing of prettiness comes with yummy rainbow chips, as if that ultra-vibrant striped cake roll wasn’t already amazing enough in the flavor and appearance!

Recipe Details : hungryhappenings

6. Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Cake

Rainbow St Patricks Day Cake

Luscious frosting and cereal marshmallows on top take the chewy goodness of the cake layer to new heights. Cake batter mixed with 6 food colors is drizzled into the pan in random patterns and baked.

Recipe Details : kleinworthco

7. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

A spectacular sprinkle-coated cake like this one can steal everyone’ breath away when resting at the dessert table. What lies inside is lots of buttercream icing blanketing 6 layers of different colored sponge cake.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

8. Melted Rainbow Cake

Melted Rainbow Cake

Super glossy rainbow-themed dripping of white chocolate ganache blended with candy food coloring is all credits to making this cake a complete showstopper. Layers of rainbow chip cake mix are covered with white whipped frosting.

Recipe Details : tablespoon

9. Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

What can be better than these individual-sized cakes when it comes to gifting homemade presents to your friends and family. Baked right in the jar, the moist cake sports gorgeous ROYGBIV layers, topped with fluffy white frosting and sprinkles.

Recipe Details : tablespoon

10. Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

These pretties are teeny tiny individual portions featuring six white cake sponge layers, wherein each one comes in a stunning hue of the rainbow, finally topped with creamy white frosting. Dedicate one piece to each alphabet of a loving message?

Recipe Details : tablespoon

11. Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake

Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake

Deliciousness hides a rainbow-themed birthday digit in the center! The cake is covered with a thick sheet of fondant sporting a neon rainbow tie-dye effect brought by rolling, swirling and twisting individual colors of fondant.

Recipe Details : tablespoon

12. Rainbow Petal Cake

Rainbow Petal Cake

Shockingly simple-to-make for the kind of looks this rainbow petal cake comes with, this one calls only for piping and swiping rows of colored buttercream dots to get its decor done. A moist crumb-coated chilled cake forms the insides!

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

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