25 Awesome 4th of July Cakes That are a Sugary Take on Patriotism

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4th of July, being the Independence Day of the nation can’t simply go without huge fireworks brightening up the sky, amazing parties with your friends and family, and of course, great stuff to eat. And, can a nice dinner or get-together for the day ever be fulfilling enough without a festive-perfect cake that flaunts a delicious union of red, white and blue to pay a lovely tribute to the national flag? That’s why you need to get your hands on these 25 Awesome 4th of July Cakes That are a Sugary Take on Patriotism!

Awesome 4th of July Cakes

1. Firecracker Cake

Firecracker Cake

What can be more splendid for a 4th of July cake than a to-die-for preparation coming with all the sparkles, celebrations and fireworks of the occasion? This firework cake whipped up in a bundt pan covered with lots of sprinkles and luscious icing in a red, white and blue theme reveals the same combination of colors when you cut-through the soft sponge. The secret to this is to pour different-colored cake batter into the pan. What you are going to need is a box of white cake mix along with water, vegetable oil and egg whites mentioned the cake mix package, some red food coloring, blue food coloring, a container of white frosting, and sprinkles.

Recipe Details : lovebakesgoodcakes

2. Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Cake

Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Cake

You can rightly term this gorgeous cake as one party dessert of sheer indulgence! All thanks to those three layers of red, white and blue yumminess assembled with a filling of magically sweet cream cheese frosting which not only sits between the cake layers but also smothers the dessert throughout. The middle layer sandwiched between two super soft vanilla cake layers is a delicious frozen cheesecake made with cream cheese, granulated white sugar, salt, some eggs, sour cream, heavy whipping cream and a little vanilla extract. Once, you frost the cake, add blue, white and red sprinkles on top to signify the day even better!

Recipe Details : recipegirl

3. American Flag Layer Cake

American Flag Layer Cake

Wow is the first thought that comes to the mind when you discover that oh so perfect American Flag pattern the moment you slice this wonderful layer cake. Six spongy red cake layers are alternated with thick coats of homemade buttercream, finally placing a round blue cake ring on top. The ring’s center is actually replaced with two more red cake circles and buttercream, while lots of star-shaped sugar cookies in white are baked within the blue ring. The assembled cake is covered with buttercream frosting, pressing sprinkles on the sides. Decorate the top with colored frosting ribbons on swirls.

Recipe Details : sugarhero

4. Red Velvet 4th of July Cupcakes

Red Velvet 4th of July Cupcakes

If you are planning for a celebration at home, these miniature treats are all you need for individual dessert to delight the guests with. Each of the three colors of the national flag have been incorporated into the cupcakes with a unique element of sweetness. While red is brought by a moist and tender red velvet cake base, a smooth swirl of cream cheese whipped cream topping not only decorates the cake but also works for the white. A few super juicy frozen blueberries are put on top of the whipped cream to get that perfect touch of blue to the dessert, and of course, make it totally serve ready!

Recipe Details : yourcupofcake

5. Angel Food Cake with Berries

Angel Food Cake with Berries

It’s surprising that the assembly of such a breathtakingly beautiful cake doesn’t call for more than 15 minutes. And yes, this one’s a no-bake dessert that goes for a store bought Angel food cake as its foundation. All you need to do is cut the cake into three different layers, throwing in lots of whipping topping, fresh blueberries, red raspberries, blackberries and strawberry slices as the filling. A few little sprigs of mint are added for a little extra dose of freshness, while the flavour of the whipped topping is enhanced even more by adding almond extract and marshmallow creme into the making of the frosting.

Recipe Details : hoosierhomemade

6. Buttercream Stars And Stripes Flag Cake

Buttercream Stars And Stripes Flag Cake

As the title quite suggests, the whole magic about this cake lies in the buttercream decoration it comes with. Layers of a rich and tender black velvet cake are alternated with a luscious buttercream frosting which also covers the outside of the cake. The fun part here is brought out by a large closed star piping tip – for a small section of the sides, you pipe rows of alternating blue and white stars, further gently smearing each star across the surface of the cake in a horizontal fashion using a small icing spatula. The remaining portion is charmed with rows of white and red stars worked out in the exact same manner.

Recipe Details : erinbakes

7. Patriotic Funfetti Cake

Patriotic Funfetti Cake

A delectable and moist cake nestled with patriotic-hued sprinkles is surely going to be a huge hit among the kids. The key is to integrate lots of red, white and blue sprinkles into the vanilla cake batter right before you bake it. Apart from the sprinkles, you are also going to need some granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, baking powder, a little kosher salt, avocado or other neutral-flavored oil, some egg white, a little vanilla extract and whole milk to forge the recipe at home. The baked treat is totally a subject of your whims and choices when it comes to the decor. Here, it goes for white and blue frosting and fondant stars.

Recipe Details : goodiegodmother

8. M&M Flag Cake

M&M Flag Cake

Undoubtedly, this cake is a great demonstration of how the best kind of edible flags come accompanied with a huge layer of chocolate brownie underneath! Instead of a pan of brownies, you can always go for a sheet cake in your choice of flavours for the base, having a thick coat of homemade buttercream frosting sit atop the cake layer. Next, arrives the part which actually transforms an ordinary cake into an apt and appropriate treat for the 4th of July – loads of M&M candies in red, white and blue color, which are placed on the buttercream in a fashion to form the American flag with utmost grace.

Recipe Details : twosisterscrafting

9. No Bake Summer Berry Icebox Cake

No Bake Summer Berry Icebox Cake

The fact that you don’t need to turn the oven on to get this mouth-watering dessert all serve ready makes it one of the simplest treats to go for the summers that are associated with the 4th of July. Cream, cake and fruit – everything that makes a great icebox cake have been put together into this one single creation. It features layers of crunchy graham crackers, cream cheese pudding, and whipped cream, decorated with berries. The crackers get a cherishing cake-like texture by absorbing the moisture from the pudding and berries after a few hours of freezing. Decorate with a drizzle of melted white chocolate chips to make it even more rich.

Recipe Details : cakescottage

10. Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

Want to put some holiday surprise in a batch of simple and quick-to-make treat? Whip up delicious vanilla cupcakes with store-bought white cake mix, filling them with a berrylicious center before baking. The process couldn’t be any easier than this : Just pour the batter into muffin cups, adding some raspberry jam into each cup and let them bake and cool as you would normally do. Pipe the cupcakes with layers of red, white and blue whipped fluffy frosting, further adding star-shaped sprinkles on top. And that’s how you make every bite an explosion of velvety cream, moist cake sponge, sweet and tangy berry jam, and yummy sprinkles!

Recipe Details : bettycrocker

11. Patriotic Rose Cake

Patriotic Rose Cake

Celebrating the occasion of 4th of July is something that roses can take to new heights of awesomeness – after all, it’s the national flower. And that’s why whipping up a patriotic rose cake is a great idea, specially when it comes with showstopping kinda looks and uber delicious flavours. Three layer of cake in red, white and blue tones are assembled together with fluffy frosting, while the same frosting is divided into individual batches of each color to advance to the decor. Grab a 1M tip for a piping bag and make layers of frosting roses along the sides and top of the cake, making sure you follow the right flag color code.

Recipe Details : iambaker

12. 4th of July Cupcakes

4th of July Cupcakes

Look at the larger picture and you’ll realize how a bunch of crumbly and yummy cupcakes with touches of fluffy creaminess are transformed into the national flag when arranged on the table in a clever fashion. And when it comes to whipping them up, the author leaves the whimsical and versatile recipe totally upto you for choosing the base flavours. All you need to do is grab 3 colors of buttercream frosting or whipped topping and make swirls atop the cupcakes, adding some star-shaped sprinkles on the blue swirls, finally headings towards the arrangement. A one-of-a-kind dessert centerpiece for the table your party truly deserves!

Recipe Details : mommymoment

13. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ditch the idea of going for a simple muffin liner to serve that cuppy cakey goodness. Instead, allow a crispy ice cream cone to hold the treats with style, while adding so much more to the texture at the same time. A chocolate fudge cake prepared with a boxed cake mix and its specified ingredients lies within the cone, while the frosting done to make the cupcakes look like soft-serve is a combination of butter, vanilla, milk and powdered sugar. You actually bake the cake in a muffin tray, pouring the cake batter in the cones before setting the tray in the oven. Topped with white, blue and red sprinkles, the cake gets its final touches with a cherry!

Recipe Details : ourfamilyofseven

14. Patriotic Marble Cupcakes

Patriotic Marble Cupcakes

Cream and cake join hands with a dose of patriotism, taken to next level amazement with the marble effect that the cupcakes reveal when cut through. To achieve the marble effect, the author alternates small drops of red, blue and white colored cake batter into the cupcake liners, further letting them bake. Use buttercream frosting to frost individual bunches of the cakes with each of the flag colors, topping them with a final sprinkle of the same colors. Make your own flavours from scratch or go for a boxed white cake mix for the base, the end results are going to be a wonderful sweetener for the holiday.

Recipe Details : twosisterscrafting

15. Adorable 4th of July Cake Pops

Adorable 4th of July Cake Pops

Specially crafted for those who haven’t got any time to assemble lavishly decorated full-sized 4th of July cakes, these yummy cake pops are another word for true cuteness! Initially, it’s about having cupcakes baked using a white cake mix in each of the colors, including white, blue and red. Once baked, the cakes are mixed with vanilla frosting in order to make little balls that put the three hues of cake together so that every single pop works as a reminiscent of the national flag when you take a bite. What coats the pops is velvety candy melts and little sprinkles – for added prettiness, bring out a marble effect in the melts before dipping the pops.

Recipe Details : uncommondesignsonline

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