35 Melt-in-the-mouth Oreo Cake Recipes Transforming the Cookies to Sheer Indulgence!

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Of course, it’s a heavenly experience to shower your sweet tooth with delicious Oreo cookies that sandwich a succulent layer of cream filling between crispy chocolate perfection. But, wouldn’t it be even more amazing to transform or blend the cookies into melt-in-the-mouth cakes, ending up in showstopper of desserts? Here are 35 Oreo Cake Recipes Rightly Combining Cream, Sponge and Crunch!

16. Easy Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Easy Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Ditching the idea of sponge cakes, this one rather allows Cookies and Cream ice cream and crunchy elements do the magic! The bottom layer of graham crackers topped with ice cream, further layered with whipped cream and full-sized Oreos. Next, you have got some more whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate ganache, that’s again topped with a layer of ice cream, more graham crackers and whipped cream. Decorate with more ganache and cookies.

Recipe Details : butterwithasideofbread

17. Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Shrinking all the goodness of a full-sized cake, these mini cheesecakes are perfect for serving individual treats to the crowd or simply satisfying your sweet-cravings with a bite-sized yumminess. The base is lots of crushed Oreo cookies combined with melted butter, while the cheesecake filling combines cream cheese, sour cream, granulated sugar, vanilla extract and eggs with crushed Oreos. Add a swirl of whipped cream right before savoring.

Recipe Details : foodandcake123

18. Oreo Brookie Layer Cake

Oreo Brookie Layer Cake

This gorgeous cake sporting a lavish decoration totally stands out from the crowd! The bottom layer is a cookie cake nestled with cookie bits, while a fudgy brownie made with melted chocolate forms the middle layer, having a dense Oreo cake rest over the brownie. The three cakes are assembled with a filling and coat of chocolate buttercream. Finish off with a drizzle of chocolate ganache, chocolate chip cookies and some more Oreos.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

19. Easiest Ever No Bake Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Easiest Ever No Bake Ice Cream Cake Recipe

A whole world of possibilities is what you have when it comes to customizing tis cake with your choice of ice cream – but this recipe goes for dense chocolate ice cream! A layer of ice cream spread at the bottom is lined with vanilla ice cream sandwiches that have further been topped with lots of hot fudge and a layer of crushed Oreo cookies. Go for another coat of chocolate ice cream, and let it freeze. Serve with whipped cream on top coupled with more crushed cookies.

Recipe Details : unsophisticook

20. Delicious Oreo Cake from Scratch

Delicious Oreo Cake from Scratch

A mere look at this utterly beautiful Chocolate Oreo cake is potent enough to compel just about anyone to get their hands on it, specially when it’s whipped up with a surprisingly easy recipe shared by My Cake School. Having layers of moist and tender chocolate cake as the base, the credits for the creamy flavours goes to an buttercream and another layer of thin chocolate ganache resting between the cake layers. The dripping ganache on top adds a pop of chocolate!

Recipe Details : mycakeschool

21. Oreo Pudding Cake

Oreo Pudding Cake

A mesmerising take on the idea of homemade Oreo desserts, this recipe integrates chocolate pudding into the making of a yummy cake that comes with a crust of crushed Oreo cookies. A blend of cream cheese, sugar and cool whip sits on the crust, further topped with some more of that whipped cream. Crushed Oreo cookies on top add so much crunch to the dessert – also taking the overall flavours of the treat to next level amazement!

Recipe Details : eatmovemake

22. Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Cake

Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Cake

You can rightly term this cake-plus-cheesecake beauty as sheer indulgence – all thanks to that topping of luxurious cream cheese glaze which sits atop the decadent chocolate cake that hides a cheesecake filling in between with utmost elegance. For the filling, you also go for Oreo cookie crumbs that add the right element of crisp to the otherwise ultra creamy preparation. Decorate the treat with more chopped Oreos and voila!

Recipe Details : beyondfrosting

23. Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes

These single-serving desserts flaunt an appearance that explains it quite well that they are no ordinary cupcakes! Decorated with a thick swirl of airy cream cheese frosting and crushed Oreos, the cakes will sweep you away into a creamy cheesecake heaven with a hidden dose of the same frosting sitting in the middle. The sponge at the bottom in itself has got very fine chopped Oreo cookies going into the batter of a dark chocolate cake.

Recipe Details : thenymelrosefamily

24. Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

Forget eating a plain chocolate cupcake – this version of a chocolate cupcake combined with the magic of Oreos is the new delight of the dessert world! Although, the cake layer for these cupcakes is a regular chocolate baked sponge, that huge dome of frosting on top is charmed with lots and lots of Oreo cookie crumbs combined with butter, shortening, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and milk. Press a whole Oreo into the frosting and serve chilled!

Recipe Details : foodandcake456

25. Rich and Moist Vegan Oreo Cake

Rich and Moist Vegan Oreo Cake

Is gluten-free dessert hunt is no less than a menace for you? Coming to your rescue is an uber moist vegan cake smothered in a creamy frosting. And yes, the finished cake is packed with the ever-successful flavours of Oreos, having the crumbled cookies go for the garnishing. The cake base gets the dense texture and taste intensified by the addition of going into the batter, while the fluffy frosting is made in vegan butter and coconut shortening.

Recipe Details : mommatoldmeblog

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