35 Melt-in-the-mouth Oreo Cake Recipes Transforming the Cookies to Sheer Indulgence!

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Of course, it’s a heavenly experience to shower your sweet tooth with delicious Oreo cookies that sandwich a succulent layer of cream filling between crispy chocolate perfection. But, wouldn’t it be even more amazing to transform or blend the cookies into melt-in-the-mouth cakes, ending up in showstopper of desserts? Here are 35 Oreo Cake Recipes Rightly Combining Cream, Sponge and Crunch!

26. The Easiest Oreo Microwave Mug Cake Ever

The Easiest Oreo Microwave Mug Cake Ever

Getting all savour-ready in no more than 5 minutes right from the very scratch, here’s a decadent Oreo cake that doesn’t require you to be a connoisseur at baking. All you need to do is whip 4simple ingredients, including lots of crushed Oreos, baking powder, some milk and white chocolate chips together in a mug and let it sit in the microwave for a short while. The gooey and warm cake tastes best when served with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Recipe Details : popsugar

27. Oreo Cookie Dough Red Velvet Blondie Layer Cake

Oreo Cookie Dough Red Velvet Blondie Layer Cake

The kind of color combination and a whole bundle of textures that this layer cake boasts is going to take your breath away! Three super tender layers of red velvet blondie are sandwiched together with layers of totally eggless cookie dough that’s packed with Oreos and a special velvety element coming from cream cheese. The out-of-the-world decor involves a drizzle of white chocolate ganache, swirls of chocolate frosting, and Oreos standing on the dense swirls.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

28. No Bake Oreo Mint Cheesecake

No Bake Oreo Mint Cheesecake

While mint comes with a chilling flavour of freshness, Oreos on the other hand are all about the concept of dark, dense and creamy! And, that’s why both of them complement each other unbelievably well when put together in this Oreo Cheesecake. It sports a crust of crushed Oreo cookies and butter, having a cheesecake filling spruced up with more cookie crumbs and mint extract. Decorate with melted chocolate chip, dollops of whipped cream and crushed cookies.

Recipe Details : yummiestfood

29. Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cream Filling

Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cream Filling

Taking the first glance at this cake, one may assume that it’s a regular chocolate cake smothered in icing. But, the moment you cut through the deliciousness made extra moist with sour cream, you are surprised with a hidden patty of silky Oreo cream filling of milk, butter and vanilla -studded with chopped chocolate sandwich cookies. The finished cake is decorated with half-cut cookies after being covered with fluffy chocolate frosting.

Recipe Details : myrecipemagic

30. Chocolate Lasagna Oreo Cake

Chocolate Lasagna Oreo Cake

Try getting your hands on this one only if you are ready to indulge in an overdose of creamy perfection, as loads of cream cheese, pudding and cool whip come to your delight in a beautifully assemble Oreo lasagna cake. The no-bake dessert begins with an Oreo crust at the bottom, having a layer of succulent vanilla pudding mix combined with cream cheese and milk. The topmost layer of fluffy cool whip, enchanted with reserved crushed cookies.

Recipe Details : kitchengidget

31. The Ultimate Oreo Cheesecake

The Ultimate Oreo Cheesecake

Turning out exceptionally stunning in terms of appearance and equally drool-worthy to taste, this one features a smooth and silky super-thick layer of cheesecake that celebrates those chocolate sandwich cookies in a crushed cookie mix, while the gorgeous frosting of whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, vanilla extract and sugar makes it suited for the kids and grown ups alike. Layers of a crispy Oreo crust and even more crushed cookies for decor add the final touches.

Recipe Details : willcookforsmiles

32. Oreo Upside-Down Cake

Oreo Upside-Down Cake

Why simply go for an Oreo decoration on top of a tender cake, when you can actually get the cookies studded into every single bite of the baked goodness, ending up in some on-trend baking!! The key is to place lots of whole cookies at the bottom of cake pan, further pouring chocolate cake batter on top before putting it in the oven. Assemble two cake layers with cream filling sandwiched in the middle, making the dessert look like a giant Oreo cookie.

Recipe Details : huffingtonpost

33. Better than Anything Oreo Cake

Better than Anything Oreo Cake

The author titles this preparation as a Better Than Anything something – and digging your fork into the same is going to make you totally back the title. A German chocolate cake with holes poked in is soaked in condensed milk to make it absolutely moist, further pouring hot fudge into the same. Once it cools, you charm it with thawed cool whip and lots of crushed Oreo cookies to make it a perfect blend of cream, crunch and sponge.

Recipe Details : chef-in-training

34. 11 Ingredient Oreo Cake

11 Ingredient Oreo Cake

Now here’s a dessert specially designed for you to get rid of all those gluten and calorie issues, being totally free of sugar, grain, egg and dairy! The healthy rich, fudgy and brownie Oreo cake assembled with a creamy cashew coconut frosting calls for 11 ingredients, including green-yellow plantain, applesauce, coconut oil, coconut butter, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, protein powder, and raw cacao powder to get it all done.

Recipe Details : purelytwins

35. Oreo Lava Cakes

Oreo Lava Cakes

It perhaps, can’t get any better of a twist to lava cakes than this Oreo gorgeousness! Soft and moist chocolate cake in a gooey warm preparation sits on the outside, having a center of Oreo cookies and cream lava pudding steal the show when you dig the fork into the sponge. Made with instant Oreo pudding mix and cold low fat milk, the luscious filling reaches new heights of crunchiness when the cake is topped with chopped cookies.

Recipe Details : kirbiecravings

The aforesaid Oreo cake recipes prove it quite well that no matter whether you blend the cookies into a cheesecake concoction, combine them with delicious cake sponges, or simply add them to no-bake desserts loaded with ice cream, Oreos are never going to disappoint your taste buds!

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