25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes and Savoring a Spectrum of Colors

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Stealing the rainbow from the sky and putting it right on your dessert table is what rainbow cakes do with adorable perfection. Although they look quite a complicated deal to put together, bringing that whole spectrum of colors to life is actually much easier than it seems to be in the first glance. Whether you are looking for the moist sponge layers to sport a bunch of colors, or simply want to keep things subtle by adding the colors to the frosting, here are 25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes at home.

13. Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow Pancakes

Add an element of lot more temptation into a regular breakfast by charming up the pancake batter with six heartwarming colors of the rainbow and stacking the prepared treats up together.

Recipe Details : jennifermeyering

14. Easy Rainbow Cake

Easy Rainbow Cake

Begin with a store-bought cake mix or simply prepare one at home, they key to whipping up this beautiful dessert is to follow a super easy technique for layering various colors of cake batter into a bundt cake pan.

Recipe Details : justataste

15. Skinny Rainbow Ice Cream Cake with Fresh Fruit

Skinny Rainbow Ice Cream Cake with Fresh Fruit

If you haven’t got much time to put a great dessert together, forget baking and making an actual cake this time. Let luxurious layers of ice cream in fresh fruit flavors alternated with cool whip work out that whole spectrum.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

16. Rainbow Cookie Cake

Rainbow Cookie Cake

Chocolate raspberry frosting works wonders as the filling for this rainbow cookie cake sporting three moist almond-flavored sponge cake layers topped with rich chocolate frosting. The colors are all thanks to red and green food coloring gels.

Recipe Details : mysequinedlife

17. Rainbow Cake Trifle

Rainbow Cake Trifle

Pouring different colors of cake batter on top of each other into a cake pan is the key to creating the interesting pattern when the baked treat is sliced and added to the dish. The trifle sports repeating layers of cake, white chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

Recipe Details : kitchenfunwithmy3sons

18. 30-Layer Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake

30-Layer Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake

What a massive mille crepe cake, consisting of thirty layers of delicious crepes clubbed into adorable colors of the rainbow. A fluffy and super velvety whipped cream goes for the filling resting between each of the crepes.

Recipe Details : eugeniekitchen

19. Surprise Rainbow Cake Pops

Surprise Rainbow Cake Pops

A thick coating of white chocolate and whipped cream covers an equally delicious ball of baked cake batter. The different colors have been brought by placing individual colored bits of cake on top of each other. Add sprinkles for the final touches!

Recipe Details : tastemade

20. Rainbow Cheesecake

Rainbow Cheesecake

Taking things to a beautifully subtle pastel side of the rainbow colors, this cheesecake is all about forming layers of a thick cream cheese mixture adorned with the right amount of gel coloring on top of each other. Crispy crushed biscuits go for the crust!

Recipe Details : sherbakes

21. Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake

Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake

Colorful jello seeps down into this poked cake that has got a regular boxed cake mix baked, cooled and then poked as its base. The jello brings out the rainbow effect with utmost grace, while whipped topping and sprinkles add to the decor.

Recipe Details : noshingwiththenolands

22. Mini Rainbow Cheesecakes With Whipped Cream

Mini Rainbow Cheesecakes With Whipped Cream

As easy to bake as they are splendid to look at, mini rainbow cheesecakes come with the most amazing blend of textures brought by lots of whipped cream on top and vanilla-flavor cheesecake in rainbow colors resting at the bottom.

Recipe Details : peasandpeonies

23. Rainbow in the Clouds Cake

Rainbow in the Clouds Cake

Although the sponge part is a simple yet super moist yellow cake, what makes this rainbow cake absolutely gorgeous is the striped rainbow frosting that plays the filling between the cake layers. The outsides are covered with a fluffy meringue.

Recipe Details : sugarhero

24. Rainbow Pinata Cake

Rainbow Pinata Cake

Putting it together calls for a little patience, but that surprise-loaded smiles on the face of your kids are totally worth the effort! Sporting a fondant rainbow on the outside, the cake has been loaded with candies on the inside.

Recipe Details : handimania

25. Rainbow Petal Cake

Rainbow Petal Cake

Colorful petals of buttercream frosting line the sides and the top of this utmost gorgeousness. But, the insides charm your taste buds even more with that super delectable strawberry cake flaunting a rich shade of hot pink.

Recipe Details : birdonacake

There’s no doubt in the fact that you can whip up a treat with breathtaking looks, wonderful textures and a delectable combination of colors like a literal piece of cake if you have got the aforesaid recipes for rainbow cakes on hand! Is the sky raining already??

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