35 Wonderful Sheet Cake Recipes Delighting You With Perfect Blends of Sponge and Frosting!

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Baked and served in a large rectangular or square-shaped pan, sheet cakes have got absolutely nothing not worth loving about them. Whether it’s the ease with which you can make and assemble them, the choice to add a layer of yummy frosting or leave it just like that, or simply the fact that it can feed a whole crowd depending on the size of the baking pan – everything here is synonymous to awesomeness. Here are 35 Wonderful Sheet Cake Recipes Delighting You With Perfect Blends of Sponge and Frosting!

31. Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake

Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake

What an amazing take on yummy cinnamon rolls! Here’s a gorgeous sheet cake featuring just the right balance of cinnamon-y and creamy charm. The cake itself is incredibly spongy, while the complete burst of the cinnamon throughout the white cake batter make it even more toothsome. A lovely icing with a glue-like consistency combining powdered sugar, milk and a little vanilla is used for topping the cake with a velvet-like touch, while garnishing its appearance with utmost prettiness. The other ingredients you need to gather include a few eggs, oil, water, melted butter, and some brown sugar. A to-die-for preparation for fall!

Recipe Details : laurenslatest

32. Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

Making the whole house loaded with a heavenly aroma, this cake makes you believe that the flavours of apple, cinnamon and caramel were perhaps, meant to be together forever! Speaking of the texture, the base cake layer is oh so tender with a subtle fluffiness, brilliantly nestled with lots of apple bits throughout. A super duper thick and luscious glaze combining unsalted butter, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and a yummy salted caramel sauce rests on top of the warm cake. The method of preparation doesn’t call for more than 15 minutes, while going for 20 minutes of baking time to get it serve-ready.

Recipe Details : handletheheat

33. Orange Creamsicle Sheet Cake

Orange Creamsicle Sheet Cake

What can be better than savouring some citrus fruits when it comes to getting a dose of refreshment during those hot summer days – an Orange Creamsicle Sheet cake that puts the flavours of orange to the best possible use. And that delicious cream frosting is what you need to make the treat the talk of the town when served at a celebration. The recipe calls for flour, sugar, butter, shortening, water, buttermilk, baking soda, eggs, vanilla, orange zest, orange extract, orange food coloring, powdered sugar, whipping cream, and a little salt to put the sponge layer as well as the frosting together.

Recipe Details : chef-in-training

34. Perfect Vanilla Sheet Cake

Perfect Vanilla Sheet Cake

If keeping things simple and subtle is your cup of tea, then this moist classic vanilla cake is all you need today! What goes for the scrumptious topping of the sheet cake is a delectable vanilla buttercream frosting that’s not only thick and super creamy, but also insanely sweet due to a wonderful union of icing sugar, unsalted butter, milk, and a little vanilla extract. The cake layer comes to life using just a handful of ingredients – flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, a few large eggs, caster sugar, vanilla extract, vegetable oil and buttermilk that offers the sponge its melt-in-the-moist airy texture.

Recipe Details : marshasbakingaddiction

35. Cherry Pie Sheet Cake

Cherry Pie Sheet Cake

Integrating tart with sweet doesn’t come perfect to most desserts, but this Cherry Pie Sheet Cakes makes it amazingly easy to make that happen. Lots of succulent cherry pie filling is dropped over the cake batter and spread evenly, only to drop the remaining of the cake batter on top of the filling, followed by blending the two together in quite a marble fashion. The cake is out-of-the-world buttery and rich with those juicy cherries being studded throughout the final baked preparation. Go for a delicious drizzle of homemade icing blending almond extract, milk, sugar and salt for an extra coat of decor!

Recipe Details : jamiecooksitup

It’s amazing how you really don’t need to put the efforts of working out a layer cake, and yet are able to cherish everything awesome about the same through a delicious sheet cake. Who would want to wait to grab a pan and get going to whip up one ore more of the above mouth-watering sheet cake recipes?

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