These 4 Fun Ways To Decorate A Cake Can Make Even The Most Novice Bakers A Showstopper!

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Scrolling through homemade cake recipes, we all come across some elaborately decorated desserts that undoubtedly, are incredibly inspiring and make us want to indulge in some baking. But at the same time, they are likely to make it all look too hard-to-forge when it comes to actually getting it all done by yourself. Comes to your rescue these 4 Fun Way To Decorate A Cake!

4 Fun Ways To Decorate A Cake

Putting an awesome cake together doesn’t necessarily has to be about intricate decorations, artistic icings or fairytale roses when it comes to making it take your breath away with its prettiness. In fact, you can give any cake a run for its money in just few minutes of efforts – all you need is a few easy to follow techniques of cake decor accompanied by the most simplest of equipments from your kitchen.

The secret here lies in lovely combination of cutlery, specifically a fork and a spoon. It won’t be an overstatement to say that you don’t even need to think twice to ditch all those fancy tools and let your dessert table be brightened up with a splendid cake!
It’s all about smothering the cake with a thick layer of icing, followed by letting your creative juices flow on the same with an innovative use of the back of a spoon or the pointy tips of a fork.
first technique is to create a few straight grooves in the icing by letting the back of the spoon run on the creamy layer at equal distances, while the second one is to create a weaving pattern on the cream with a fork, ending up in an interesting interlinking of carvings.
Gemma Stafford  showcases two more super cool cake decorating methods in the below 2-minute YouTube video tutorial, as if the two techniques explained above weren’t already amazing enough to charm you!

4 Fun Ways to Decorate a Cake!

(Video and pictures via Gemma Stafford)

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