Travel The Space With A Piece of Cake in Hand With This DIY Galaxy Mirror Cake!

Nicole and Bianca My Cake Recipes Blogger

That feeling of putting a little step into the space brought by stunning galaxy cakes is surely winning hearts on social media, and the bakers are coming up with more and more of these pretties to charm you with their skills. But, this DIY Galaxy Mirror Cake is here to delight you with the fact that even if you aren’t great at cake-making, you can build a galaxy cake as marvelous as them!

DIY Galaxy Mirror Cake

Having 2 round vanilla cakes as the chief base, this piece of heavenly beauty is all about bringing your imagination and creativity to life when it comes to the cake decor. And, that reflective icing getting all the work done surely deserves a mention!

Speaking of the other ingredients and supplies, you are going to need lots of white chocolate, sugar, some water, some light corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, a little powdered gelatin, and a container of vanilla buttercream frosting.

Of course, pulling off that unearthly galaxy effect is all about blending loads of colors and glitter together, so you also need to gather different shades of food coloring, including black, white, navy blue, electric blue, purple, and pink, along with some black disco dust.

The key is to place alternating layers of frosting and sponge cake together, followed by smothering the whole preparation in some more frosting to get it all set for the glorious coats of homemade colored glaze. Cover the cake in a dark-toned layer of glaze, further adorning the same with swirls and streaks of the other colors, lastly, adding lots of sparkling dust onto the cake for the final touches.

To learn the full recipe and to watch the whole process of decoration to recreate the finished Galaxy Mirror Cake, head to the below YouTube video tutorial by Rosanna Pansino wherein she showcases the easy-to-follow steps in just a deal of 9 minutes to help you whip up your very own versions of the enchantingly beautiful cake with utmost effortlessness!


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