42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes Enchanting The Spring Season!

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Celebrations always call for a dessert, and nothing can match a home-made centrepiece for a Easter get together, that’s not just pretty, but truly delectable. Whether you’re looking for an exquisitely beautiful Easter cake to cast a miraculous spell on your friends and family, or are just wishing to prepare a quick festive-themed dessert to treat your little kids with, these 42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes have got you covered.

42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes Enchanting The Spring Season!

1. Easter Cake Recipe

Easter Cake Recipe

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Adorned with bright, vibrant cake ruffles on top, this Easter Cake has got a fluffy and light vanilla frosting as its yummy blanket wrapped around three different coloured. cake layers. What you will need is two different white cake mixes, some vanilla yoghurt, water, some egg whites, and a little oil to begin with your pretty cake preparations, while making the vanilla bean frosting takes some package softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, marshmallow cream, vanilla bean paste, and some thawed whipped topping. This is perhaps, one of the easiest and cutest Easter cake recipes that’s not only lovely to watch, but also super delicious to savour.

Recipe Details : thegunnysack

2. Easter Peeps Cake

Easter Peeps Cake

Looking out for a perfect dessert that won’t fail to enchant the whole family? These Easter Peep Cakes will make sure the kids fall in love with the gorgeous jelly bean toppings and the marshmallow treats coating the sides. To make this scrumptious and fun-filled cake you will need 2 prepared cake layers, white frosting, shredded coconut, green food coloring, jelly beans and your favorite colors of bunny-shaped Peeps. Let everyone wonder how much effort and time it took you to whip up the cake, while being able to bring things to life almost effortlessly. Stock Piling Mom takes you through the detailed recipe to get the cake serve ready in just a deal of 30 minutes.

Recipe Details : stockpilingmoms

3. Chocolate Buttermilk Easter Cake

Chocolate Buttermilk Easter Cake

Combining all the elements of Easter together, this cake is a perfect blend of the magic of chocolate with some super cute appearance. The delectable layers of chocolate cake alternated with cream cheese filling look just so irresistible when covered with chocolate buttercream and decorated with amazingly adorable fondant bunnies. Witness an edible bunny resting next to an edible tree. The below recipe by My Button Cake covers the detailed ingredients and step-by-step instructions required to make everything ranging from the cake layers, the filling, the buttercream frosting, to the gorgeous decor all by yourself. This one would surely be a smashing hit at a kid’s Easter party!

Recipe Details : mybuttoncake

4. Mini Egg Cake

Mini Egg Cake

Nothing says ‘Happy Easter’ more than a classic vanilla cake topped with loads of colorful Mini Eggs sitting over the surface of a classic running chocolate decor working just wonders for covering this delight. This mouth-watering Mini Egg cake is sheer perfection with a lovely filling of raspberry jam and an icing of crystal white vanilla to keep those sweet treats in place. You need just a handful of magical ingredients, including softened butter, caster sugar, vanilla extract, large eggs, self-raising flour, baking powder, solid vegetable fat, icing sugar, milk, raspberry jam, dark chocolate, and of course, lots of mini eggs. No matter if it’s the young or old, get ready to adore this tasty perfection.

Recipe Details : sainsburysmagazine

5. PEEPS Easter Garden Cake

PEEPS Easter Garden Cake

Lovable bunnies made out of Peeps marshmallows are what make this mini garden loaded with lip-smacking fruity flavored carrots a sight to watch. Just grab a box of Betty Crocker Super Moist devil’s food cake mix, water, oil, eggs, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie crumbs, green decorating cake icing, PEEPS marshmallow bunnies, and some orange decorating cake icing. What’s great is that just a matter of 20 minutes for preparation and an hour of decor and baking are enough to bring this beauty to life. Take a look at the complete recipe by Betty Crocker that makes everything surprisingly easy and quick to put together.

Recipe Details : bettycrocker

6. How to Make a Mini Easter Egg Cake

How to Make a Mini Easter Egg Cake

There’s no doubt that Easter won’t be complete without us cherishing some toothsome chocolate eggs, and this cake is completely covered in them with cute pastel shaded chocolate eggs, all placed in beautiful rows and arrangement of colors on the sides, while the top has got the cuties organized in lovely concentric circles. It’s all about preparing your loved flavour of sponge cake, and covering it in a generous coating of buttercream icing, followed by pressing the eggs into the buttercream. Even if you are a beginner at baking, this one needs just 5 simple steps to pull off the recipe, using a six inch round layer cake, buttercream, and of course, some chocolate eggs.

Recipe Details : hobbycraft

7. DIY Chocolate Bunny Cake

DIY Chocolate Bunny Cake

Few things look just perfect with all their intended imperfections and randomness. This cake proves the statement quite appropriately with all the bright green, fluffy and cutely messy grass that covers it all over and forms the sitting ground for a gorgeous little chocolate bunny, surrounded by what else than lots of pretty Easter eggs. You will be surprised how clean and beautifully finished the cake looks with just a little bit of time and effort. Let’s take a look at this quick and easy Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake. To check out how effortlessly this DIY Chocolate Bunny Cake can be put together, head to this recipe by The Cake Blog.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

8. Easter Ombre Pinata Cake

Easter Ombre Pinata Cake

If the subtle yet gorgeous gradient shades of lemon, pink and purple frosting isn’t pretty enough, this cake has a surprise – bunch of mini Easter egg inside flaunting sugary spring colors, just like the ones that garnish the top of the cake. That’s the reason this Easter dessert has been rightly named as a Pinata Cake. And yes, even the cake sponge sports the same colors as that of the pretty frosting housing it with grace. Although, it looks quite a tough deal to recreate this absolute beauty, it’s actually truly simple to make your very own show stealer, perfect to charm this year’s Easter get togethers. Taming Twins shares a detailed video tutorial and steps of preparation in the below recipe.

Recipe Details : tamingtwins

9. DIY Mini Easter Egg Cakes

DIY Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Introduce a wonderful twist to the traditional concept of a vanilla cake with these mini Easter Egg Cakes that are totally a do-it-yourself affair. Flaunting a breathtaking color scheme of peach, mint green and gold, these look just so adorable, while the addition of some fondant and icing keeps the mini egg cakes vibrant with a lovely pattern of contrasting shades, adorned with golden finishing touches, letting each of them have its own personalization. You need some pound cake, vanilla icing, colored gel pastes, white fondant, Vodka, egg cookie cutter, chevron cake stencil, gold lustre dust, cupcake liners, and paintbrushes to make sure your guests come back for more.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

10. DIY Speckled Egg Cake

DIY Speckled Egg Cake

Pretty as a picture, this super quick dessert really succeeds every time to grab everyone’s attention and temptation at the same time. This one uses a Classic Vanilla Cake recipe baked in four layers, adorned with loads and loads of buttercream icing sporting cute little speckles throughout, which are a little messy to work out, but the end results make it totally worth the effort. What you need is a cake of your choice, some buttercream icing, food coloring, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, a paintbrush, wax paper, paper towels, and sweet speckled eggs. Get the kids also involved in some festive baking with this easy recipe to prepare your very own DIY Speckled Egg Cake.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

11. Easter Nest Cake

Easter Nest Cake

The star of this classic nest cake is the thick buttercream frosting that you spread between the cake layers and on the sides of the cake to resemble a bird’s nest with a messy, swirly look and texture. The treat gets extra sweetness and that added element of splendour from the assembling of home-made speckled candy eggs on the top. On the inside, this one is all about three layers of moist, dense chocolate sponge cake. Learn how you can bake the delicious chocolate cake, prepare the yummy, thick frosting and assemble everything together to bring a complete DIY Edible Nest to life with the detailed steps and pictures shared in the below recipe by Sugar Hero.

Recipe Details : sugarhero

12. Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

This year, celebrate Easter with a miniature egg nest sitting right in the middle of your dinner table, on top of a scrumptious chocolate yoghurt cake filled with meringue and cream in the middle, while some chocolate ganache charms up the top. No matter how complicated it looks to recreate the nest, it’s all simply made out of noodles and chocolate shaped in a little bowl. Take a look at the steps to make the chocolate yoghurt cake sponge, the filling, the ganache and the egg nest at home, as explained by Chew Town in one of the most suitable Easter cake recipes when it comes to celebrating the spirit of spring.

Recipe Details : chewtown

13. Easter Bunny Cake – Coconut Cake

Easter Bunny Cake - Coconut Cake

Sometimes, it’s perfect to go for a minimal decor and welcome simplicity with all its beauty into your home-made creations. Holding a soft sponge cake covered with cream cheese icing inside, these mouthwatering bunnies coated in coconut flakes, looking just so natural and adorable are a fun and delectable treat for all ages. The subtle nose and ears, coupled with some cute little Easter eggs complete the cake with utmost elegance. Pulling off the preparation and the final work of art has been made literally a piece of cake by the easy to follow steps explained by Jenny Steffens in the below Easter dessert recipe.

Recipe Details : jennysteffens

14. Easter Chocolate Cake

Easter Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love an extremely moist, rich and dense chocolate cake regardless of the day or occasion? A charming glaze well used atop this dreamy confection, accompanied a variety of chocolate eggs and mini Easter eggs decorating the creation with unbeatable mystique deserve all the attention and appreciations. From Brazil To You is here to show you how quickly this cake comes together. Just a deal of four simple steps and you’ll have a gorgeous centrepiece for your Easter dinner table, that doesn’t take more than 17 minutes to pull off the whole making and decor, beautiful enough to make you feel like keeping it from being eaten.

Recipe Details : frombraziltoyou

15. Easter Kit Kat Cake Tutorial

Easter Kit Kat Cake Tutorial

Devil’s food chocolate cake alternating between layers of white cream cheese frosting that also covers the cake all over, has got whole bars of Kit Kat pressed into the frosting all around itself. The special touch to this recipe is that it’s just so suitable for the kids to be a part of the amazing decoration work. This one makes chocolate covered marshmallow eggs disguise themselves as little rocks, while letting a rabbit and a winsome chick house the habitat enchanted with loads of Jelly Beans and mini Robin Eggs. The cute green coconut grass is what transforms the cake into a miniature garden with utmost realism, taking things to all new levels of appeal.

Recipe Details : busycreatingmemories

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