Cut Through This Easter Candy Pinata Cake and Witness a Mouthwatering Surprise!

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Festivals like Easter call for a complete showstopper of a cake, but doesn’t the idea of a regular cake sound too conventional? Cherish the best of both worlds – an exceptionally tender cake as well as loads of loads of assorted Easter candy combined in one single dessert – A Mouth-Watering Easter Candy Pinata Cake that’s stuffed with a whole bundle of colorful candy, popping out when the treat is cut through!

Easter Candy Pinata Cake

What forms the perfect base for the whole work of art are three different layers of 3x 8 inches round carrot cakes, wherein you make a hole in the middle to get the cake all set for housing the Easter candies inside. A delicious cream cheese buttercream goes for the filling between the spongy layers as well as smothers the cake from the outside.

To immerse the cake in the perfect Easter spirit, you adorn it with lovely leafy carrots on the side with the help of the buttercream colored in orange and green. If this ultra-cool decor wasn’t enough in itself, you add a nice dirt layer on top of the cake to bring out a realistic bunny garden appeal. A mixture of lots of Oreo crushed Oreo cookies and graham crackers work wonders for the dirt layer which finally gets its touches of splendour with Easter bunnies made out of ooey gooey marshmallows.

Check out the video by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio and gain a deeper insight into the recipe, whipping up some true cuteness at home!

Easter Candy Pinata Cake

(Video and pictures via Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio)

Each of the bunnies is crafted out of 2 mini and 3 large marshmallows that form insanely cute arms, legs, face, body and those pointy ears of the bunnies – all attached to each other with the help of yummy melted white chocolate. Pretty pink jimmies go for the whiskers, while pink heart sprinkles form the nose and little blue round sprinkles are used for those bright eyes. A little more contrast of pink on white is brought on the creatures using some pink sanding sugar.

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