Give an All New Purpose to Festive Eggs with this Toothsome Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake!

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What makes the occasion of Easter so much more awaited is those mouth-watering Easter eggs loaded with some of the most delicious flavours. But, wouldn’t it be absolutely splendid to craft a whole new after-celebration dessert out of those leftover Easter eggs, treating your sweet tooth with an extra dose of chocolate?

Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake

Not only does this Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake combine drool-worthy blends of chocolate with a variety of tastes and textures, but also it is a totally no-bake thing of perfection, calling for an easy-to-achieve assembly and letting everything refrigerate for an hour.

To begin with, that crispy base is put together by melting lots of pink and white marshmallows with some butter, integrating a unique element of crunch with lots of cocoa pops and a pinch of salt going into one single blob of liquid marshmallow!

Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake

(Video and recipe CupcakeJemma)

As Jenna takes you through the below incredible video showcasing the detailed steps to whip up the recipe, she terms the most delicious element of the cake as ‘The Filthy Bit’. It is actually a thick layer of a whole spectrum of flavours brought by a mixture of lots of broken digestive biscuits, different chocolate bars and easter eggs held together with a gooey base of melted dark chocolate, butter and golden syrup.

You can go for your choice of candies and bars creating your very own edition to the filthy bit, while Jenna uses a Double Decker, a Twix, a Crunchie, broken up easter eggs, lots of caramel eggs, a handful of mini Daim bar eggs and Oreo eggs, some Malteser Bunnies, Cadburys mini eggs and a few Smarties.

What brings out final touches of magnificence to the cake are some colorful mini eggs and even more smarties, topped off with a drizzle of melted white chocolate! Once it’s chilled, simply cut the frozen cake into bars and serve as individual treats!

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