Combine Cheesecake and Easter Eggs Together With This Adorable Chocolaty Dessert

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When Easter is round the corner, those cuteness-loaded Easter eggs make one and all drool! But if keeping things plain and conventional is not your cup of tea, you would be delighted to combine empty chocolate egg shells with a yet another insanely tempting dessert, i.e. Cheesecake, ending up in delicious Cheesecake Easter Eggs!

Cheesecake Easter Egg Recipe

Absolutely adorable to look at, these cheesecake Easter eggs are equally awesome to savour. The idea is to stuff a huge egg shell with a luscious filling of creamy cheesecake, while bringing out the appearance of a realistic half-cut egg that has actually got a delectable fruity sauce working wonders for the egg yolk.

What’s even more awesome is that the recipe for this prettiness is super quick to put together, even if you plan to get it done at the last minute! Not only is the process as easy as a child’s play, but also doesn’t require you to indulge in any baking at all.

Cheesecake Easter Egg Recipe

(Video and pictures via Food Envy)

You begin by cutting off the top of the hollow chocolate egg and filling it with lots of crushed digestive biscuits at the bottom in order to make the crust. For the luxurious cheesecake filling, all you need to do is combine cream cheese with icing sugar and lemon juice, adding in some whipped cream and vanilla seeds. Pipe the mix into the egg until it gets filled to the top, letting it getting chilled for an hour.

The last part is to prepare the egg yolk part – just blend a slice of mango and a few fresh strawberries with a squeeze of lemon, finally stuffing it into a little hole scooped out in the cheesecake. The velvety filling, juicy fruit sauce and the chocolaty shell compliment each other’s textures just like magic!

Who wouldn’t fall head over heels in love with this sheer delight?

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