Marbled Easter Cake Adorned with Marshmallow Peeps is Everything The Festival Needs!

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Nothing can bring out that element of joy on Easter better than colors, and that’s why it’s the right time to indulge in some colorful dessert-making to make the holiday all the way more delicious and fun-filled. All you need is this mesmerising Marbled Easter Cake with Rabbit Peeps and M&M’s!

Marbled Easter Cake

The magic here actually lies in a gorgeous technique of laying down the cake batter in the baking pan. Once you have added dollops of different colored cake batter throughout the pan, all you need to do is bring a stunning marble effect to life by blending the colors with each other using a knife, or even a spatula. What you end up is a totally unique pattern of colors, beautifully fading into each other with a totally exuberant vibrance in terms of appearance!

When it comes to the flavours for working out a lavishly decorated cake like this one, it is a great idea to go with subtle choices of flavours. So, the ever-successful classic vanilla cake batter comes into play for whipping up the ultra-soft and fluffy cake. The different hues are brought to action by adding three bright colors to the divided portions of the cake batter.

Further, to make the cake much more apt and appropriate for the Easter spirit, place two of the marbled cake layers on top of each other, going for blue colored vanilla buttercream for the filling and the frosting. While lots of multi-colored bunny peeps line the sides of the cake from the outside, the top has been decorated with a whole spectrum of white chocolate M&M candies.

Marbled Easter Cake with Rabbit Peeps and Easter M&M’s

(Video and pictures via Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio)

Whether it’s about trying their skills at marbling, smothering the cake in buttercream, or simply adding the decorative touches, you can always call the kiddos for preparing this treat that’s amazing enough to establish itself as the star element of the celebration! See the original video here!

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