Celebreate Easter With This Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside

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Those fluffy, spongy and super gooey marshmallow peeps have surely established themselves as one of the most popular candies associated with Easter celebrations and treats. But, here’s an all new version to those adorable little chicks that transforms the candy into a super-sized cake-y dessert – Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside!

Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside

In this YouTube video tutorial, Jenn from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio showcases the step-by-step recipe to whip up the cake all by yourself. The end results – cutting through a cake of sheer cuteness!

Speaking of the surprise, the delectable and super moist cake not only flaunts a peep shape, but has also been stuffed with lots and lots of those colorful marshmallow pretties shaped like a little chick, flaunting lovely pastel hues and covered in bright sugar crystals. On the outsides, the cake is covered with a thick layer of super velvety marshmallow buttercream in a bright shade of yellow to resemble the birds with utmost perfection.

Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside

(Video and pictures via Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio)

To get started with the recipe, what you are going to need is 2 batches of desired cake batter, lots of yellow marshmallow buttercream, some yellow sanding sugar, 2 brown Smarties, a few toothpicks and of course, loads of peeps. And yes, you can prepare the sponge layers from scratch or simply go for a store-bought cake mix of your choice to get it all done.

Two different cake layers, one rectangular and the other shaped exactly like a huge bowl form the perfect peep structure when assembled together in a clever fashion – just a bit of cutting and placing of the different pieces of the cake together with the help of toothpicks is the secret! And yes, to create that space within the cake to fill in the peeps, you need to create a perfect few inches deep round hole in the bottom layer, while scooping out a large section from the middle of the upper round cake layer.

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